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Compare a book to its movie version. How are the two similar and different? Are the characters and the plot the same? Do you like the movie or the book better?

Many works of literature or other genres are represented in films. Generally there are big differences because the movie version last a certain time, in addition to other limitations. The book The Perfume was written in 1985 by Patrick Süskind, born in 1949 and the film German film director Tom Tykwer, 2006.

The drama is based on the novel by Patrick Suskind and was produced by, among others, studies Constantin Film, Castelao Productions, SA, Nouvelles Éditions de Films and VIP 4 Medienfond. These two are two completely different things with different meanings and different visions. We cannot say that the book is better than the movie because the adaptation of literature in film is the director’s understanding to put in a movie, for many can be bad as a disappointment to others can be incredible, my experience in reading the book was exciting achieves fully connect with the characters and plot.

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In the book the movie then create images in the images we face. in the book the story is much longer. Not only were you writing some more details if those little details make the story of the book much more interesting than the film will show details that make you delve much more to the story. These details give concise structure to the story and allow you to better compare the story that you can read in the book with which you can see in the film.

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In the book tell the story of jean baptize grenouille, is completely based on the life of him, since he was a baby until he is already an adult. In the book have lifelong jean cavern childhood baptize and also quite detailed. In the film tell the story of a murderer, from a guy who has a amazing smell that has “the best nose of paris” but that is a murderer.

In the movie, the death of young women and virgins the show with an outstanding beauty, death acquires an incredible beauty, where in the book does not detail what death is really not kill their victims as nothing but the obsession of acquire that smell so indisputable that sought jean baptize. In the book I describe grenouille smell all throughout the novella, so much detail, as if everything was his nose in the movie is not as important to his nose and the immortal is lost because they show us the story of a murderer. Grenouille was born surrounded by holores more rotten in the center of paris-france, so no literature describes it, a large emphasis on the putrefaction of where this great perfumer born. Grenouille’s birth really was the birth of death, so do not teach it in the book. In the movie do not describe different, if we show that was born in a place truly unpleasant but do much emphasis on holores surrounding the difficult birth of her mother in the room if so we can call where he sold fish. The book also details much as taking away women immortalize scent to their fragrance, in the movie shows the death once more the story of a murderer.

The narrator in the novella was tersera omnisiente person and is also the narrator in the film is , in voiceover , music and editing are very important also because with the music of the movie we completely change the atmosphere depending on the song or the soundtrack to be playing the suspense sadness or fear change scenarios give us different feelings and supocisiones when you book you imagine your own soundtrack based on the descriptions the book presents us sounds we make , you imagine you all! From the characters to the place of history in the film and show us everything. The music of the film changes the entire meaning of a ECENA. In the story we can see that baldini is the only one who really understands grenouille , tries to help him with his nose to experience new things in the movie no, do not show that.

The geographic location in the perfume is in Paris- France and psychic PSPACE in the book is when the narrator tells us that baldini really was not a great perfumer but rather a ” con ” because its two other perfumes were replicas of perfumes buyer had already , another example of the psychic space is life in the cavern of grenouille and we know who is jean concisely grenouille baptize in the movie do not show it , do not give so much importance in the book while the importance describe inmortalzacion grenouille the holores for what mattered to retain power holores of things, in this case the red -haired girl who cut plums. In the literature we know as baldini THROUGH grenouille and the narrator. The time of the story in the book is different from the movie, the pace because in the book begin to tell the story of grenouille from the day he was born and as the smell is amazing in the movie is the story of a murderer begin in the end of the book we find a murderer and they will kill and people send you this hating . Also returning to the subject of the difference between the book and the movie “

The paradoxes of Faithfulness ” is a text which tells of how different the literature and film, neither is bad just different to like the perfume and the movie are two completely different things with different purposes and different key points, none is bad just different, then what I’m going with this cannot criticize any esque. Basing on grenouille Baptize Jean can say what is right and what is wrong? Everything has not given society and largely religion. The death of these women was wrong? in the book does not pose as the immortalization of women in the film is the story of a murderer and kills its victims as though show women in a divine show the beauty of death. If we think about the end of the day is not so crazy grenouille finally had well developed smell and could smell things beyond what the other people can, if we could all smell the beauty as it does maybe we would grenouille similar to the.

Grenouille is a unique being, grenouille means frog and a toad in the animal kingdom is the only animal that has no tail that makes a being only as baptize jean. As I said before we cannot say that the book is very best that we can simply say the movie is different because it was the adaptation of the writer not what you fancied. The script of the film is written not by the writer of the book but by someone else, then we can understand why they are so different in so many ways and as emphasis to make things different and as for the writer gives less importance to things that the writer was key.

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