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Essay on university

?What has inspired you to pursue an engineering degree and why would you like to study at the University of Toronto? What skills have you developed through your extra-curricular experiences that will support your future success as both a student and an engineer? Engineering has always been my passion and one of my dreams is to pursue a career in it. Ever since I was six I have been curious about how electronics work, so what I would do is take the radio’s exterior apart, examine the interior of it and put it back together.

I always find that really interesting. In the past few years, I have built some simple circuits and programmed microcontrollers due to my deep interest in engineering. Apart from that, I also have a broad interest in physics, chemistry and mathematics which causes me to be pulled over towards engineering. Although it takes years of hard work to become an engineer, I am dedicated to pursue an engineering degree due to my acknowledgment of the magnificence and complexity in pure sciences and mathematics.

And I have learned one thing in life that to gain success you have to keep trying. Moreover, as an engineer, I would get many opportunities to come up with new technology that could ease our life. The joy you get when you build something that last more than your lifetime is just amazing – it would make you feel really proud about it. Besides, engineering is a really demanding field and I love challenges. The best choice to pursue my degree in engineering from is obviously University of Toronto.

Being the best university for engineering, it has achieved great results in research, for instance the development of the first electronic heart pacemaker, chemical laser, anti-blackout suit which was later adapted to create the astronaut space suit, creating the infant cereal Pablum, etc. In addition to that, University of Toronto serves the best education to the students by highly educated proffesors and it has a high international reputation. Also the students get the opportunities to learn real life experiences and develop vital skills such as interview and resume preparation through Professional Experience Year(PEY) internship.

With the help of the university’s resources, U of T graduates are leaders in companies across the world, including Rogers Communication’s CEO, Ted Rogers and co-CEO of Research in Motion, Jim Balsillie. The university is also surrounded by a multicultural and friendly environment. In a nutshell, University of Toronto is the best university to achieve my academic goals and future plans. Besides my academic work, I also actively participated in several extracurricular activities through which I have developed many essential skills.

During my school year I worked part time as a waitress/cashier at a busy casual dining restaurant. My job as a cashier included communicating with customers and addressing customer issues which helped to improve my communication and interpersonal skills. Addressing customer issues also helped me to improve my problem solving skills as well. These skills were also learned through being a tutor for four months and through my volunteer work at The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. At work, I also trained few new employees.

This enhanced my leadership skills as I had to manage and guide my trainees. Work made me more independent and responsible as well as having higher patience. I can work well individually and I also make a great team player. Other than that, I am really into my guitar and I manage to practice guitar at least for about an hour or two a day while attending school and doing my homework which is about 10-14 hours a week. Singing and playing board games keeps me quite occupied during my free time. Board games like chess and puzzle helps me in making decision and judgement.

Furthermore, I am very interested in investing. Therefore, during my free time I analyze the performance of stocks in the market. I am fascinated by how the stock price moves with different market and firm factors. I have taught myself over time how to analyze stocks based on analytical methods . This hobby improved my analytical skills significantly. My job as a cashier, my volunteering works, my hobbies and my school helped me in managing my time effectively. I also managed to prioritize my daily activities and meet my deadlines at both school and work.

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