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Essay on Passion

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (779 words)
Categories: Essay,Human
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Well, the saying goes “Do what you love and love what you do”, but how many of us truly practice this in our everyday life, as much as we preach it? In every nook and corner, we have a student cursing his school and probably the examinations that come along with it or a teacher complaining about her incorrigible class or a software engineer taking out the frustration over his boss on his computer – many more such sights!

We are the Homo sapien sapiens, the most dominant species on Earth (apparently).

Why then do we not have dominance over our own happiness, over what we do and what we want to? (And by dominance, I mean controlling and not bossing over something.) What is it that holds us back from following our heart? Financial background. Preconceptions… and the list is endless. But is that passion of yours not worth giving a shot? If no is your answer, then forget about it; it was not your true passion in the first place.

Some say they are not really passionate about one particular field or thing. These ‘some’ can be categorized into two categories, namely the ‘doers’ and the ‘despisers’. The doers are the ones are who enjoy almost everything they do that they cannot put their finger on one as their passion. So, it is highly unlikely that you find a doer, disliking what they do, while the despisers are quite the opposite.

They are those who have a complaint against most things around them that they do not see the point in being passionate about anything. The reasons behind such an attitude of theirs could be rooted to their family upbringing, huge disappointments despite a lot of hard work or merely the fact that they are sensitive-perfectionists who possess an utopian vision of the world and hence, hate it when even when the tiniest of things is out of place (by probably a few millimeters, if we were to measure it).

At this point, I certainly agree with what the great Lincoln once quoted, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”. The despisers seem to have a problem at every step, at every sight. They, sadly, fail to look at the brighter side of things. They should be able to come to terms with the fact that nobody and nothing is perfect. Since we are the cause of our own happiness, the onus is upon us as to whether we view the glass half empty or half full or (like the Gujarat Chief Minister) as half filled with water and the rest with air.

Now, on re-analyzing the opening quote, I have come to realize what it could also mean… In case, you are unable to do what you really love, then start loving what you are doing at present. In the process, you end up doing what you love. If you’re the engineer, then remind yourself that it is the job that you are more interested in than your boss’ scornful words and hope and pray against all odds that your boss is in a good mood today or that someday you can grow deaf to only his words (the mean ones, not the ones with instructions).

If you’re the teacher, then you should jolly well know that not all students are alike and have an interest in the subject, and hence, must be cut some slack. And if you’re the student then, take yourself down a few years, back to when you were a little, kindergarten kid, and the starry-eyed expression that you bore whenever the teacher narrated a story. That story was completely new to you yet, you loved to know what happened next. Bring this child back into you the next time you are preparing for an exam.

And for this reason, there is still a ray of hope, rather, many rays of hope for those despisers- hope that soon, they will start loving what they do and prove to the world at large, that we truly are the ‘dominant’ ones. And once you have found your passion (or if you are the passionate-one who’s reading this article) then there’s one piece of advice I could give you, something that I stumbled upon on the internet- When there is something you really want, fight for it; don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems. And when you’ve lost hope, ask yourself in ten years from now… you’re going to wish you had given it just one more shot because the best things in life, they don’t come free! So spread your wings, and fly to your heart!

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