Essay on Mr Pip and Hamlet – Thirst for Power Essay

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Essay on Mr Pip and Hamlet – Thirst for Power

Many people want to have a lot of power, but what is often forgotten is that with great power comes great responsibilities. Sadly these responsibilities are not always taken. A thirst for danger can make someone a danger to others. The two works in which this is proven and that will be discussed are the novel Mister Pip, written by the novelist Lloyd Jones in 2006 and the play Hamlet, written by the playwright William Shakespeare in 1602. Whenever people want to be seen as being more powerful they become a danger to others. In the novel Mister Pip the mother of the protagonist, called Dolores, wants more power over her Matilda’s life.

She believes that mister Watts, Matilda’s teacher and the only white man left on the island, has a bigger influence on Matilda’s life. This is the reason why she steals the novel, Great Expectations written by the novelist Charles Dickens, which Mr. Watts has been discussing and reading with his class. This is a very dangerous act, since the Redskins, who took the power over the Solomon islands , want to see the novel as a prove of the non-existence of mister Pip. In the play Hamlet Ophelia’s brother Laertes seeks for more power and respect from Claudius especially after his father was killed by Hamlet.

By wanting this he becomes a danger to others. He wants revenge on Hamlet and plans, together with Claudius on killing him. By this he becomes a danger to young Hamlet. Political power is a reason for people to become a danger to others. In the beginning of the play Hamlet young Fortinbras plans on attacking Norway, because he wants more political power. In this way he becomes a danger to Norway, but also to his people because this could start a war. In the novel Mister Pip the redskins have the political power over the Solomon Islands. They formed a danger to the inhabitants of this islands.

When they took over power they started a war between the redskins and the rebels, which caused a lot of deaths. People who want to take over power are very dangerous to others. In the play Hamlet, Claudius, old Hamlet’s brother, kills old Hamlet because he wants the power over the country. Furthermore he plans on killing young Hamlet, since young Hamlet is against Claudius haveng this power. Claudius becomes a danger to others by trying to kill them because he wants power. In the novel Mister Pip the rebels, who are against the red skins who took over power, want to take their power back.

They are a danger to others since they get drunk on jungle-juice every night to handle the pressure and they rape women on the island. Their needs and will to take the power over the Solomon islands back are a danger to the people living on the islands. People who have a thirst for power are dangerous to others. When they want to take over power or become more powerful this can cause them to act in a way that is dangerous for others. This is clearlt shown in the two works studied, the novel Mister Pip and the play Hamlet.

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