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Essay on Critical Literacy

Rasheed’s (2008) claim that literacy revives former “dead” self that schooling kills is a complex entity and all encompassing. It rallies round the enlightenment and vibes brought by resuscitation of inactive mental state prior to knowledge acquisitions and intuitive activation. The potency of literacy cannot be substantially quantified enough in that it speaks volume about how naturally endowed capacity of man to acquire knowledge can magnify or initiate a breakthrough out of ignorance.

Literacy is a continuous exercise throughout life. It keeps enlarging the mind and condemning the past moment of ignorance. Ignorance often times accounts for numerous sufferings man has encountered on the surface of the earth, hence, literacy revives. For example, one cannot imagine having the fullest ability to eat, move, and perform other activities without the fundamental literacy of how to make them happen and how some of these functions of the body can perform better.

The analytical mind birthed out a curiosity and passion that determines the extent liberation into degree of literacy. These two differ among human beings. The potentials of the mind often limit daily routine engagement most schools are used to for ages. Though a literate, student that comes to school every day to learn what has always been there for ages is somehow restricted in qualitative cerebral self development. He hardly reasons beyond the circle of status quo until a breath of passion and curiosity amount in him to question routine.

While researching into cause and course of events, the hidden becomes more obvious. This is the an active form of literacy, a legacy one requires to resurrect from the inborn states of naive or “dead” as Rasheed calls it. Literacy by definitions does not only entails the ability to read and write, it does qualitatively express the ability and or the possession of a particular skill with competent application know-how in the real life. Schoolings are meant to guide, while in the process, boredom sets in and the guiding essence is defeated.

The only sustainable ingredient that lifts the spirit of literacy acquisition is the qualitative carriage or the depth of passion for knowledge beyond the class notes. Once school has accomplished the function of fundamental skills of impartation of speaking, writing and reading of spatial, visual text and pictorial representations, the mind uses these tools for further extensive growth. This is akin to the latent strength of a small mustard seed after seedling.

The same school that functions in bringing out the fundamental intuition, I students often facilitates some redundancy. Time limitation and absence of direct practical relations of what is further acquired limits the potentials of the mind to a localized way of reasoning. Such reasoning now varies for different environments. Rasheed must have exploited this line of thought before the posit that “Literacy is about `waking up` or even resurrecting a former `dead` self because so much of schooling seeks to literally kill our critical thinking and literacy explorations” (2008).

When she says critical thinking and passion are what students need in a society that obscures them, she aimed advocates for aggressive reorientation of American to stop preventing or obstructing the potential powers of the youth in our society whose voice are not heard nor their interest taking into consideration most times when there is a need for national programs or whenever a need arise for a collective action. We do not see youths functioning excellently in critical analysis of situations towards a qualitative resolution of relevance values.

More than we equip youths with total literary liberation to experiment their tank of knowledge, they are more disposed to weapons of violent, political struggles, crimes, and every other indecent vices. Is literacy in fact, power? Firstly, power possession is not in the measure of how constant or regularly a nation feeds defendants, it is rather in a summative freedom the dependants assume to take charge and contributes. Society often do not reckon with youths able productive values in the society, the make them feel unimportant and powerless.

In lieu of this, obscurity extension from the society has brought students a sense of societal devaluation among older groups, it has driven students to finding a defensive mechanism by becoming notorious to make their voice and concerns reckon with. But for the marginalization, the high rate of crime could not have been this worrisome. If one cannot exercise power with simple diplomatic reasoning, a drive to forceful means is inevitable. We have heard reports of young school individuals shooting sporadically claiming to have killed for the interest of the nation.

Most times, when I do experienced obscurity I only wonder while the society would need to wait for a destructive report before taking action. I am forced to express anger and go out of order. I do hope the society would not further belabor rescuing agenda to empower students with competence of “powered” literacy. There is a need for America educational curriculum to focus on how students can effectively guide their passion and alacrity into potentials of literacy.

Being the future leader of tomorrow with burning rigor and youthful strength, expounding literary acumen would be substantive investment into the future of the nation. Literary goes beyond the theoretical cramming of materials or handouts in schools. I strongly believe literacy would restore power to the youth if taken into agenda early enough at tender age, eradicate obscurity and normalize our society towards a better social stability. Literacy would create creative empowerment and an unending passion to critically reason beyond mere individual selfish interest.

It widens the scope of mind analytical template to accommodate all interest groups’ viewpoints. Literacy endows matured level of thinking to get busy with productive activities that improves the society. It brings enlightenment to why vices could be self-destructive because a crime committed to one would be seen as unto many; what goes around comes around because the world is in a revolving dynamics. Reference Kameelah Rasheed (April, 2008) Silence Broken: Critical Literacy Is The Goal

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