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Essay On Community Service

Community service can be a chore for some and a delight for others. It can be tedium for one or a chance to help others from the bottom of his or her heart for another. Many believe that putting community service in the curriculum in the form of Values-in-Action (ViA) hours was something of a joke, something to guffaw at or simply something atrocious. I agree wholeheartedly with such people. Community service should be totally voluntary and not part of the school curriculum. By doing so, we are able to better evaluate a one’s character, able to work with people who truly wish to help others and increase the amount of help given. For a start, by eliminating community service from the school curriculum, we can better judge someone’s character. The problem with community service as part of the school curriculum is that people will feel that they are obliged to do community service and this will cause many students to take part in many activities so as to beef up their portfolios. Hence, all applicants, for example, at a particular company will have the exact same portfolios, all replicas of the other.

If such a scenario occurs, how in the world are companies able to handpick and develop people who are truly capable and efficient workers? There is a chance that companies accidentally hire people who are churlish and truculent but what can we blame except this education system. This is especially disadvantageous to major companies that have many global sectors. Therefore, we need to remove community service from the school curriculum so that we can truly see who are worthy to be hired by a company. Next, the removal of community service from the school curriculum also means that in community service projects, people who truly wish to help the needy will be working together, giving rise to more successful projects. Without community service as part of the school curriculum, those who wish to give a helping hand and those who want to help from the bottom of their heart will be able to band together without the problem of people participating in community projects for the sake of getting ViA hours.

These two groups of people have very differing goals and visions but by removing community service from the curriculum, such apathetic pupils will not be a burden to the community service industry. Instead, there is a higher likelihood of success in this sector with the increase in productivity, enhancement of teamwork and the sense of camaraderie within these teams working together for a common purpose. Furthermore, apathetic souls could also lead a happier life without the “hassle” of community service bugging their minds. It is basically killing two birds with one stone! Lastly, many people think that by removing community service from the school curriculum, the amount of help given to the needy will drop drastically. However, this is definitely not so. By taking away community service from the school curriculum, we are also taking away those with apathetic mindsets. This means that there is a stronger circle of helpers for the needy.

Hence, there will be more freedom in expressing ways to give a hand for the various needy communities. This means that people will not restrain their thoughts and ideas but instead, share it with others for them to improve and create. Thus, the visions that people have are very likely to turn to reality and with successive projects; there is a higher chance for a rapid in flow of ideas, giving rise to even more projects targeted for the less fortunate. This means an increase in the amount of help given and not a drop. After all that has been said and done, I strongly encourage that community service is rid off from the school curriculum. I believe that it can do wonders for our world and change it for the better. With better individuals with a morally upright character, they can influence others to follow suit and the acts of iniquity around our country may decrease significantly. Honestly, what more could we ask for?

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