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Throughout our long lives, we are defined by the opportunities and experiences that are presented to us. Even though some are the worst experiences you can ever encounter, they make us who we are today. I have many risky moments in my life that shaped me to the person I am today. In this short essay, I am going to discuss my life, academic goals/background, and my work experiences in life so far.

I have had a pretty easy-going life so far Id like to think.

I have had both of my parents around my whole life and that is what a young child like me needs growing up. I am apart of a big family of 8, starting with 5 sisters and ending with 2 brothers (including me). My Father has played a big role in developing my leadership skills. He always tells me that hard work will get you success. My dad got me into playing football as a young child around 7 years old until around 8th grade I stopped playing football to focus more on school.

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Football has taught me many skills like how to lead, be accountable, being able to sacrifice, and to be selfless. I think all those skills I have learned from football are essentials in business. On the flipside my mom was also there loving me every step of the way. She has taught me how to be loving, caring, and being courteous to people.

My high school life has been smooth sailing and I have enjoyed the experience one hundred percent.

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I have many friends in high school that I interact daily I don’t know where I would be without high school it has shown me so much. Throughout my years there I have maintained an 89% GPA while working at Goulds Supermarket, in the valley for more than 2 years now. I have involved myself in a decent amount of community work too. My grandpa always told me when I was young that every little bit helps to making the community better. I have helped at town celebrations at the concession stands, also cleaned tombstones in communities near where I live, and donating to the red cross.

I am now confident that I want to pursue a career in business. I feel like this school would be a good fit for me and for what I want to do. I have always been interested in business and I am more into it now, because I’m involved in some of my friends clothing lines that they have started up. I know it will be hard, but I plan on putting my front foot forward and taking on the task. I want my college experience to be a well rounded and brightening and as well a fun one.

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