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What Freedom Means To Me

Freedom means many different things to many people, but to me it means I can live in a country that believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I mean this is the “Land of the Free”. However, these are things that not everyone can experience. Freedom to me also means I can make my own decisions when it comes to my life; decisions that can make or break my future life. Freedom also gives me the chance to make my own mistakes regarding of my life and my futures. I guess the government does believe in us that maybe that is why they made the legal age 18 instead of any other age. To me having freedom also means that I do not have to listen to my parents and teachers, well to some extent, because if it was not for them I would have not gotten to where I am today.

The good thing about having freedom is that I can choose what major I want to study and then I can change my mind later on in life and change it again. This is something that other countries do not have. For me, freedom is the basis of our lives, because it allows us to aspire to and achieve greatness. Think about it- what would we do if we did not have the ability to say “No”, use ambition, or be creative? How about not being able to attend school, choose our own spouses, or work wherever we desired? You see, if we did not have these privileges, it would be nearly impossible to progress from one point to the next.

Freedom may be the basis of life, but it has two other components that it could not exist without: respect and diversity. In order to have freedom, you need to respect others’ right to think and act as they like, and they will ultimately do the same. Freedom also creates and embraces diversity, because all people are unique and different. We are allowed to express our differences because of our freedom, and therefore can create different opportunities, friendships, and career options to expand and improve our lives. Freedom cannot exist without respect and diversity; but as Americans, we are lucky to have all of three of these in our country.

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