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Essay about Drowling Mountain

It was August 2011 and Martin Cartier, senior board member of Drowling Mountain, was beginning to feel the pressure of Drowling Mountain Ski Resort’s 2010 general meeting that was coming up in two months. Drowling Mountain had historically been the ski resort of choice for the local residents of Syracuse, New York. However, the company had recorded losses for the past two years. At last year’s annual general meeting, Cartier explicitly stated that he would bring the company to sustainable operations.

He felt personally responsible for the company’s struggles, since he was the longest-serving member on the board. Management had been keen on developing a new marketing plan focused on new pricing schemes and increasing sales, but Cartier thought an advance meeting to discuss the plan with select board members would be advantageous.

He held significant influence in the forthcoming meeting in October, and any recommendations that he made were likely to determine the future success of the company.Drowling Mountain Ski Resort Industry CORE IDEOLOGY PORTERS FIVE FORCES Hambrick and Fredrickson Drowling Mountain David Case, Brian Fischer,Stephanie Funkhouser, Shelby Holt, Noah Malale, Jen Stein, Zach Verch Skiing trends Equipment and Other Costs Community vs Destination Resort ? Effects of Tourism yracuse Ski Industy o Constantly facing challenges o Differentiation.

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