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Essay about Dr. Jose Rizal

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Start with a hook (an attention-getter) to introduce the lesson. This should be understandable and relatable, and should activate prior knowledge. * Instruction: How will the goals of the lesson be reached? What will the students do to reach the objectives? Will the students complete a learning task in teams? Will the students take notes from a lecture? Closing: Students demonstrate that they followed the instructions. This includes anything from sharing teamwork results, to review questions over a lecture or PowerPoint. | Independent Work| * This includes follow-up work done in class or as homework.

* Any work assigned should be an extension of the in-class lesson. Ideally, it simultaneously reinforces the lesson, builds upon it, and creates background knowledge for the next lesson. | Assessment| * Determine whether or not the goals of the lesson have been reached.

Types of assessment may vary. * Formal assessments include quizzes, tests, work (such as essays) evaluated according to a rubric, etc. * Informal assessments include looking over students’ completed assignments, question-and-answer sessions, etc.

| Reflection| * This is done after the lesson as a self-reflection exercise. * What parts of this lesson worked well? How might these parts be made even better? * What parts of this lesson did not work? Why? Should these parts be altered, changed, or scrapped?

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