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Corruption Today’s world problems are revolved around corruption. One of Brazil’s biggest problems is the corruption. According to annual data “Assuntos de Governanca,” (Govern Discussion), published in 1996 by Banco Mundial, there is an upward trend in the index that measures the efficiency in combating corruption in Brazil. This data which assesses 212 countries and territories has shown that the corruption in Brazil has grown discontinuous since 2003. It reached its worst level in 2006. When it reached 47. on a scale of 0 of 100 (being 100 an evaluation more positive).

Even when Brazil is compared to other countries from South America such as Chile, Costa Rica, and Uruguay, Brazil is still leading country in corruption. Another study made at the University of Fiesco, has shown that corruption in Brazil has cost around one to sixty-nine billions of Reals (Brazil’s currency). In order to solve those problems, we would need three main facts to try to solve this situation, or at least try to settle down since it’s a huge problem.

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So the first main point is “severe impunity to our politics corruptors”.

The most important problem that difficult the combat of corruption is the “culture of impunity,” which is still very visible in Brazil. Brazilian’s justice works to whoever has the most money to pay the best lawyers. This means that it does not matter what damage you have done to Brazil’s society, you will not be persecuted. In some cases, most of violators will not stay in jail for their full amount of time sentenced.

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Moreover, the fact that our politics has privilege at the forum and are judge differently from ordinary citizens, also contributes to impunity.

To combat corruption, we need a different govern; we need a new reform administrative. Our law has to be made to protect our society equally, everybody as well as being judged exactly the same way. Proven corruption needs to be punished by death or life imprisonment, besides of course the immediate return of public coffers values. Only in five years, Brazil has already tallied a misuse of public funds of almost 100 billion dollar, which would be allowing investments of national reflection.

This problem has to be solved immediately. A second important point to mention is how our society acts about our government. Since we already know that our government works for themselves, our society needs to start doing something too. There are several projects that have been mentioned at the government to be accepted, but our society has an important role at this time. In order for these projects to be accepted, our population needs to work together by making protects everywhere around the country.

So this way our government will feel the pressure of the population, and will know that the whole population has a “voice”. That they will still contribute to improve our country. Brazil’s population has to believe that they can do something to help, but do more than just believe they have to do it! Brazil’s population is tired of people working for themselves, and are also tired to see that the majority of our laws do not work for everybody equally. Another aspect to look at is education.

While our government is too busy stealing money from our population, our kids feel this impact at the schools. The largest chunk of the money that should be used in our kid’s education is going to the government’s pocket. Of course who is going to suffer this situation? Our next generation of youth. With no education there is no knowledge. Whenever these kids achieve enough age to vote they will be lost and without knowing their rights. Not knowing their rights there is no way they will be able to criticize, or even claim for something in the future.

Where would this world be without education? Talk about real corruption right there. But in order to solve the money issue in Brazil we need to get our priorities straight on what the money goes to, and not in our government’s pockets. The education of the youth in Brazil should be the most important thing to the government, because one day they will be the leaders of this country. They need to be taught their rights and laws. To know how to be treated equal as well as be punished equally too. If the government realizes this, Brazil would not be such a corrupt place.

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