"A Woman's Beauty: Put-Down Source?" Analysis

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The author Susan Sontag’s essay, in “A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down Source?” she analyzes beauty in a woman that is described as beautiful and while men are described as handsome (Sontag 387). Sontag also uses the Athenians as an example where Athenians called Socrates ugly that he was unattractive (Sontag 386). In the essay, the author argues about feminist awareness in a woman that is involved by beauty including in women’s personality which is something the author would argue about (Sontag 387).

Sontag states that being called beautiful was a reflection to describe something vital as a part of women’s personality that is something to worry about. She also states that it doesn’t take somebody in the throes of cutting-edge feminist awareness attention to see that the manner, in which woman is instructed to be included with excellence supports narcissism, reinforces dependence and immaturity. Although, everyone including women and men realizes that. Sontag claims that “everyone” in the community that has distinguished being feminine in caring about how they look.

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Although, it was recognized with caring of one is, does and only secondarily, provided that how one looks. Likely the stereotypes, appeal negative that good looks appreciate, at finest, a bit, varied character (Sontag 387).

In my point of experience is that after reading Susan Sontag’s essay she stated how people judge for looks and which is very wrong. What makes you look attractive is having a perfect personality that makes you look attractive.

The solution is that I do agree about what Susan Sontag wrote in her essay because she decided to write about beauty in a woman is where she uses religions like Christianity in how they view beauty and the way how they limited excellency (Sontag 387).

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In addition, to give credit for Susan Sontag if she added more ideas of her own in the role of beauty. Another to give her credit is that if she talked about more in her subtitle in “Put-Down or Power Source?” it seems that she didn’t mention that in her essay that she wrote that it can help her to give credit.

I would think it will be successful if Susan Sontag added more analysis about the title that she gave on her essay in “A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down or Power Sources?” including her subtitle seems very misunderstanding. It will be successful if Sontag should explain more about her subtitle in Put-Down or Power Source?”, so her readers know what it means by that and it is something I would like to know as a reader.

One thing that it hasn’t work out yet if the author Susan Sontag decides to write more about in woman’s behavior even though it was a very short essay that Sontag wrote about and it was basically about beauty in woman and excellence. In addition, if she provides more information about the difference between men and women’s personality that is something that it needs to work out. Also, if she added more rhetorical appeals in her essay including showing more attitude towards the beauty that is something that she needs to work out in her essay that she wrote.

What needs to happen to give an extra push towards success if the author Susan Sontag explains more about the reading and more evaluation about beauty. Adding pictures on her essay so her readers know what is going on in her essay about beauty. Elaborate more in her essay about the modern definition of beauty in a woman and adding more details.

Another new solution that I never heard of is in “How Hardwired Is Human Behavior?” by Nigel Nicholson is in the golden line where it states: “You can take the person out of the Stone Age, not the Stone Age out of the person that said, evolutionary psychologists, do not argue that all people are alike underneath (Nicholson).”

After reading the article that Nicholson wrote in “How Hardwired Is Human Behavior?” it would be implemented if he many plans to do within his article. Also, if he worked on using less anxiety and less distraction in his article. Another if he added in predicting framework in knowing what will work and what won’t work. The author should have his implementations faster in his article instead of having it a lot slower. Even though Nicholson made an argument in this golden line “You can take the person out of the Stone Age, not the Stone Age out of the person that said, evolutionary psychologists, do not argue that all people are alike underneath.”

The logic reasons in the article “How Hardwired Is Human Behavior?” is in Understanding evolutionary psychology was more helpful for the managers that provided a new and disturbing way of thinking about human nature. In which it offers a framework by understanding why many people contribute to acting as they carry out in organization settings. Furthermore, there was another way in evolutionary psychology that analyzes in the condition of human behavior that is instinctive and worldwide, that can clarify in some familiar patterns. Although, it takes off the light in why people reacted in ways that do not come out to be more beneficial to themselves and to their businesses. The Evolutionary psychology goes far by asking for answers in How might organizations be designed to work in harmony with our biogenetic identity? and Are modern-day executives managing against the grain of human nature? that is one of the logical reasons for this article in “How Hardwired Is Human Behavior?” that Nigel Nicholson wrote about.

In the year of 1975 was the modernization of beauty and the exploration of ramifications in woman had started, it was confirmed that in calling a woman beautiful was the most important part in women’s identity, because the only issue was in women’s personality where it was a concern for the society that was something to worry about and while men’s personality was to be more powerful, more active, and efficient. During the throes of cutting-edge in feminist awareness was to grab attention to see the presence in where women that are trained to be in excellency that supported in narcissism, reinforces dependence, and immaturity. In yet, everybody in the society had noticed that in women’s personality. Another reason that everybody in the society had noticed in being feminine was something to be carrying about how one look, in the comparison in being manlike, was to describe in carrying about how you look including does, only secondarily, that provided in the way how you look. The stereotypes that are claimed to be negative were to appreciate in the finest in a bit change in personality (Sontag 387).

In my own solution is in men’s good looks was something that was taken in at a glimpse that it doesn’t need to be accepted by giving a number of other regions of the body. While nobody inspired a man to dissect his presence feature by feature. In perfection that is considered trivial and almost unmanly. In good looking men a tiny defect or blemish is treated positively desirable. Meanwhile, in women that have a flock of skin-colored freckles in one cheek was considered a “pretty face.” To think of the depreciation in women as well as in beauty that was implied in that judgment (Sontag 389).

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