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There are many things in our life that we can compare and contrast to one another, but one subject that stands out to me would be the differences between male and female friends. We all have friends that are male and female in our life. Although, we do not really notice it sometimes but there are many similarities and differences between having male and female friends. Therefore, in this paper I will be explaining the similarities and differences in having male and female friends.

When talking about female friends, most people think about emotions. Female friends love to talk to each other about emotions, which draws them closer as friends. They talk about the deepest problems and never hold back how they feel to one another. Female friends will also show physical contact by hugging one another and kissing each other’s cheek. They also are more comfortable around each other. For example, females are not scared to change clothes around each other and tell each other how they are really feeling. Although, having a female friend is more capable to put drama in our life. Drama is something most girls strive for; they love to have a lot of drama in their life. This addiction for females can cause a lot of problems for themselves as well as their closest friends. Having a female friend can also be an advantage for other females because; they will let their friends borrow each other’s items. Therefore, if someone needs a new dress for a party they can just look into their friends closet and simply take it for the night. Female friends are good to have although male friends are completely different than the female friends in our life.

Although when we talk about male friends, most people think loyalty. Unlike female friends male friends do not like to talk about emotions. Males like to talk about other things as in, basketball games, different girls they think are cute, or how life is going in general. Male friends also do not show physical contact like female friends do. Male friends do not like to usually hug or touch their female or male friends unless it is their significant other. They also do not hide anything; they will tell us the truth no matter how bad it will hurt us. Unlike female friends they do not like nor carry drama. Male friends do not like drama at all, they stand as far away as possible from it. The advantage of having a male friend is they do not strive for drama like females, so we will not be pulled into their problems. Also unlike female friends, males do not let other friends borrow their clothes, they rarely let anyone touch or wear their clothes but themselves. These many differences between male and female friends that I have mentioned also have similarities.

No matter how many differences male and female friends have, there are also many similarities. Having both male and female friends give us many options on who we can go and talk to about anything. No matter if they are a female or male friend, we know that they will always be here to protect us and listen to every problem we have. Both types of friends also make us feel wanted and loved. Even if we are having a bad day we have both genders of friends to cheer us up not matter the circumstances.

In conclusion, female and male friends are similar and different in many ways. We need to be friends with both female and male to make a good balance in our friendships. No matter how much female or male friends we have they all benefit us in many ways. Although, there are many differences in the gender of friends, they are always here for us no matter the differences or similarities.

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