Espionage Essay Topics

Espionage and Sedition Act

In times of war there are many different opinions expressed by the people of the country. Some people would support the decision of war, while some people would strongly agree with the concept of war. The question is, is there a limit to what is allowed and is not allowed when discussing opinions of war…. View Article

Lessons Learned in Intelligence Initiatives

The emergence of modern espionage became more rampant during the Cold War and its was an intricate inter-actions between the agents and spies of the United States of America and the and agents and spies of the Soviet Union. The operations of both sides intertwined with one another. (Cold War Spies. [internet]). While there are… View Article

Spies by Michael Frayn

There have been so many novels recently drawing on or purporting to draw on memories of a childhood under apartheid that we may be inclined to assume that this kind of inverse nostalgia is a peculiarly South African phenomenon. Even Barbara Trapido, who has lived most of her adult life in England, has chosen to… View Article