Escherichia coli Essay Topics

Codon bias in E. Coli

The nature of the gene codon varies among organisms. Codon preferences have been considered on the perspectives of translational efficiency and fidelity and the selective and non selective biases operating during DNA transcription replication and repair processes. Variations in tRNA on codon bias of highly expressed genes during rapid growth phase of E. coli exist…. View Article

Hazards to food safety

College of Hospitality Management FOOD SAFETY & SANITATION – HFOODS Lesson 2: HAZARDS TO Food Safety General Symptoms of Foodborne Illness – Headache- Abdominal Pain – Nausea- Diarrhea – Vomiting- Fatigue – Dehydration- Fever When a living, disease-causing microorganism is eaten along with a food, it can cause a foodborne infection. After ingestion, the organism… View Article