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Escape From Poverty Essay

Essay Topic:

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Poverty is a serious situation where the majority of individuals have experienced in their daily life. Poverty is the inability to maintain standard of living. Poverty is hunger and lack of shelter. Poverty is a lack of basic necessities such as clothing, housing, water and health services. Parents living in severe poverty affect the education of young children. This is because they might be selling for their parents to get some money to maintain themselves, or also the parents are unable to pay for their child’s education.

Many children are not attending school due to the lack of money for textbooks, uniforms and tuitions. Therefore, some children tend to suffer for a situation they cannot avoid, being poor. Due to this problem, it is the responsibility of the government and family alike to ensure that a child receives an education. Therefore, their education is likely their only escape from poverty.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research is for the researcher to become aware of the factors influencing the education of these children and also to make the public and government officials aware of this serious situation.

The main objective of this research is to find some type of solution or help which will benefit both the parents and the children. The people in this village that are of higher standard of living can come together and help the people that are more in need since it is the lives of young children that is being affected. The government should invest their money in this village by helping parents get books, uniforms and paying tuition for the children. Also they should have more job opportunities since many parents are unemployed and without a job they don’t have money to cover the school expenses.

Purpose of Investigation

The researcher conducted a research on the Factors affecting the education of young children in the village of Trial Farm. Many children in this village do not have the opportunity of attending school and having an education. This is a serious factor that should be dealt with immediately since it is affecting the lives of young innocent children. In order for the researcher to know the reasons why this is becoming a serious issue, interviews were held, questionnaires were issued out to the different people and surveys were made. This research will help the researcher and the public become aware about the reasons why children stay home and not go to school. Every child has the right to attend school and to become someone in life. However, this is not so in the village of Trial Farm since parents are not capable of sending their young ones in school or high school. This investigation will be like an eye opener to the researcher and to everyone.

Method of Investigation

In conducting my research on the “Factors affecting the education of young children in Trial Farm Village” there were numerous methods used. Firstly a survey was conducted, in the form of informal interviews. A total of fifty randomly selected people were asked questions in terms of the reasons why children are not attending school and why the parents are not capable of sending their children to school. The questionnaires were issued to the parents since they are the ones who can state the reasons for their children not attending school. The parents were allotted about ten minutes to complete the questionnaire. According to the respondents, majority of the children are unable to attend school because of the cost of education. For the informal interviews being made, most of the respondents agreed that the area that generated the most is the cost of purchasing books, paying tuition and getting uniforms for their children. The researcher also used secondary data as a method of research. Some information was obtained from newspapers, articles and a website to get statistical information about this research. The website was www.cso.gob.bz.com(government statistics office). Some informal interviews were also attempted to different parents whereby they corresponded very satisfactorily. This was done to get personal views and opinions by parents. Their answers were used to further analyze and study the factors that affect education in this village.

Procedures used to collect data

The researcher had gone to the village of Trial Farm in order to conduct a research by conducting a survey. The researcher distributed fifty questionnaires to each individual in the village and was given five minutes to answer it accurately. After collecting the questionnaires, the researcher gathered the information and analyzed the information given by the respondents. After analyzing the data collected the researcher presented the findings of the investigation. As a result, the respondents really helped the researcher in the survey being conducted. They gave accurate responds which assisted the researcher in the survey.

Presentation and Explanation of Data

Figure 1.1 shows the percentage of children both males and females not attending school. The pie chart above shows 20% of females not attending school, 20% of males not attending school due to many causes as the researcher did its investigation in the village of Trial Farm. Therefore, there are 50% of both males and females not able to attend school.

Figure 1.2 shows how many parents both Father and Mother do not have a job. As shown above, both father and mother does not have a job. Out of 15 parents there are 10 fathers not employed and 5 mothers not being employed as the researcher did its investigation on unemployed parents in the village of Trial Farm.

Figure 1.3 shows that what the people of Trial Farm believe what causes their children from not attending school. As shown above, there are 10 people who believe that unemployment causes their children from not attending school, 6 people believe that poverty causes it and 4 people believe that the government causes the children from attending school.

Interpretation of Data

In the village of Trial Farm, there are a number of young children not attending school because their parents are unable to pay due to financial need. After analyzing the data being collected, there is a total of 50% of children both males and females not attending school due to many causes. There are 20% of females and 30% of males not attending school in the village of Trial Farm. Due to this, it is because of their parents not having a job to sustain the family; therefore, it leads to unemployment where it affects the children. In total there are 15 parents both mother and father not employed. There are a total of 10 males and 5 females not being employed. So it leads to several causes that affect the children in not attending school. This leads to unemployment where parents do not have the opportunity to have a job; it leads to poverty where parents do not have enough income to sustain the family and deals with the government. This may cause the children not able to go to school because of transportation; government doesn’t provide a bus for those children who are not able to buy a bicycle to go to school. Government does not help in purchasing textbooks, stationeries and trying to pay half of the tuitions for those children.


1. Poverty affects the life of many; children go to school without breakfast or even enough money to buy a suitable meal for lunch. 2. When it comes to education of a child, some families are unable to afford sending their child because of the cost of education in terms of purchasing textbooks, paying tuitions and the sewing of uniforms. 3. The researcher had encountered that poverty is a situation whereby many families cannot avoid, mainly because they are born into it and they cannot help themselves, therefore, they seek low paying jobs, and force their children to sell for them in order to sustain their life. 4. Conducting the research in the village of Trial Farm, the researcher saw many homeless people wandering around the streets; women and their children, and men. 5. Poverty neglects many things for families; education, proper schooling, and shelter.


1. The researcher had seen how sad is to see people living in poor conditions whereby children are unable to attend school. 2. Government together with the Ministry of Education should try to provide a home for many of the disadvantaged children, by giving them an opportunity by sending them to school and by giving scholarships to those children who are in need of an education because it is very important for a child to get an education so that they would have something to defend themselves in the longer run when they are finding a job. 3. As a country and as a person, we should find different ways to be a supportive system for these people, because they are just like any ordinary people who have hopes and dreams in life. 4. We should help each other to move forward so our country can progress and be a better place to live in.


Greetings in the name of the lord! My name is Maritza Vasquez and I am a student of University of Belize, the researcher. The researcher is investigating on the topic “Factors affecting the education of young children in the village of Trial Farm” hence; I am kindly requesting your assistance by YOU filling out this questionnaire. This questionnaire will assist the researcher by giving accurate and direct data that will be used for my research project. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. May God Bless you!

1. Do you have a job in order to sustain your family?
Yes No
If yes what type of job? _______________________

2. How much do you spend a day?

$2- $5

$5- $10

 10 & above

3. Are you in need of basic necessities?
Yes No

If yes, state what basic necessities you are in need of
4. Have you been helped by other individuals?
Yes No
5. Have you ever experienced a financial need?
Yes No
If yes, state why?

7. How many children do you have?

1, 2, 3, 4 and above
8. Are your children attending school?
Yes No

9. If your child isn’t attending school, state what they do on their free time and why?

10. Why are you unable to send your child to school?

11. Have you ever heard your child say that he/she wants to go to school?

Yes No
12. If there was an opportunity for your child to go to school, would you let him/her go to school?
Yes No

If no, state why? ______________________________________________

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