Errand Running Business in Birmingham

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An Errand Running Business is providing unique solution services to busy individuals and organisations. It reclaims the clients’ time for more important things and taking care of the mundane tasks. The service is fast, efficient and completely reliable.

We are providing our services to both individuals and organisations. For organisation side, the errand running business could free their staffs from distractive personal tasks, which enhancing productivity, reducing absence and its related costs, improve staff engagement, maintain the competitive edge and attract and retain the best hands.

The personal service is including dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery; queuing for events and exhibition tickets; errands for private parties and events; shopping and delivery errands for international clients; delivery sensitive documents, like passports and certificates; items repairs, returns and exchanges, hospital and care home errands and so on.

We have fliers and brochures detailing our errand running services. Use the fliers for residential customers and brochures for organisations and we also provide a free trial for the companies who interested in our service.

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We provide a quotation for each errand and ensure the customers understand and agree to errand costs before we start with their requests.

A recent CBI survey found that time spent dealing with personal tasks is a major cause of absence in UK companies. In fact, unplanned staff absence, including days off sick, cost the UK economy £17 billion in 2011. We aim to close this gap by running all kinds of errands in and around Birmingham to relieve the pressure on the capital’s workforce.

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The risk of running errand service comes from many aspects like transport management, schedule arrangement, customer satisfaction and the most important one plagiarism and competitive from competitors. The challenges we faced including the balance between the service quality and the cost, attracting potential clients and communicate our service to others via advertising and hiring the reliable employees to accomplish the work.

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Errand Running Business in Birmingham

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