Erotic excitement

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Sarkar (1995) also stated that one can pretty words in the scriptures of all religions, but it is also in these scriptures one will find the horrifying words about oppression of women, especially in Muslim scriptures. Discrimination among women is widely written and explicitly explained Muslim doctrines, the Koran. Islam is regarded to be anti-woman as they regard them as physically, morally, and spiritually inferior.

Oppression against Muslim women

An example of a Muslim woman, Dr.Nawal Sa’dawi, rebelled against her own religion due to a great extent of oppression against Muslim women.

According to her, Islamic women’s rights are solely governed by the slavery system. Even marriage is a form of slavery for Islamic women by being a slave for her own husband whose duty is to serve and do whatever her husband requires her to do. A woman may only have one husband and has no power of having a divorce, unlike men who can have four wives and has the right of divorce.

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Punishment for Muslim women

A Muslim man can also have as many concubines as he wish provided that he can afford having them all. The statement of women on issues regarding marriage divorce and punishments are not accepted in the Islam religion. Punishment for Muslim women for those who committed adultery is stoning to death, 100 lashes for fornication, death for those who are guilty of apostasy, 80 lashes for drinking wine, and cutting of right hand for theft are only few of the horrifying punishments for women.

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Furthermore, the husband was also given the power to personally administer punishment to his wife, especially in cases when his wife refuses to beautify herself and refuses to meet his sexual demands, or even leave the house without permission. Women must not also bring disgrace to a Muslim family. Even a girl who was raped may be even charged by sexual intercourse and may be beaten by disgracing her families honor. In Pakistan, Human Rights Commission reported that one woman is raped every three hours, and a great percent of women in the country are sexually and physically abused.

Why Muslim women just accept their fate for religious sake

In these reviews, a reader might think why Muslim women just accept their fate for religious sake. On the other hand, there are women who want to make use of the Islam religion to somehow free themselves from their traditional lives. They believe that through being converted to a Muslim, they will have access to education, can work and become active in politics, and be the central role in the Muslim family. Jenny White, an American, greatly believed that through Islam women could get new possibilities especially in participating in activated that were formerly dominated by men.

Joining in Islamic parties could also give women the possibility to study in a university, and are greatly concern on the freedom of choice for women in marriage. According to White, it is only the feminists or feminists activists who used Koran to support their ideas about the role of women and these women’s politics are must not be intertwined with the religious beliefs of women. Sher (2007) further supported this and stressed that culture and religion are entirely different from each other.

Other people thought that it is oppression that drives Muslim women to cover their hair. But the fact is that they do that for modesty. Even nuns of the Catholic Church do it for modesty. Muslim women have been practicing this until the modern time. In contrary to the contemporary world thoughts regarding Muslim women, women are actually allowed in Islam to become independent and be educated. They can choose their own husband and has the right for divorce.

Muslim women like White

Muslim women like White, sees the Islam as a religion which allows them to play the important role in life, being a wife, and a mother. In Judaism, like in Islam, it is written in the Old Testament that a woman should be stoned to death if found to be not virgin, and in case of rape, she must marry her rapist to alleviate the shame. Women also have no legal standing, not even taking a divorce. Women must also not expose their hair, since the said act is equivalent to exposing their private parts and initiating erotic excitement.

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