“Erin Brockovich”: Effective Communication Essay

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“Erin Brockovich”: Effective Communication

Competent Erin Brockovich’s Characteristics

The main character in the movie Erin Brockovich is an easy going woman who seems tobe very competent in communication. This paper will discuss three characteristics that a competent communicator, such as Erin Brockovich possesses. I will also explain specific scenes where she demonstrated the following characteristics: self-monitoring, empathy, and commitment; commonly known as denominators that characterize effective communication.

The first characteristic Erin displayed was empathy in relationships with her clients. In one scene, Erin met with a cancer suffering child and her family. A young girl named Anna, was suffering from alopecia and wearing a bandana. She had lost her hair from the cancer treatments she had received. Erin’s eyes reflected painful sadness even as she smiled and laughed with Anna. At the end of their conversation, Erin’s genuine concern for Anna left her speechless. Erin’s attitude displayed empathy, which involves feeling and experiencing another person’s situation almost as they do. It is the most important aspect of non-verbal communication competence.

The second characteristic Erin showed was her intense commitment for the people ofHinkley. This characteristic was revealed during the scene placed at the Jensen’s residence. Erin sat on the end of the bed with Donna Jensen, the woman that was suffering from uterine cancer. Erin’s eyes filled with tears as Donna tells Erin that her cancer turned malignant, which is the fast spreading form of cancer. Donna’s eyes began to pour due to her fear and hatred she felt toward PG&E. Donna said, “We are going to get them aren’t we?” Erin replied, “Yes.” Erin’s willingness to listen and the desire to spend time with her proved her commitment to her.

The third characteristic Erin portrays is self-monitoring. This was shown at Ed Masry’slaw office. Erin stood face to face with Ed. In a demanding tone of voice she said, “I need apaycheck!” Erin’s face turned a shade of red in anger. Her eyes began narrowing as she stared inhis eyes. Erin said, “I’m smart, hardworking, and I’m not leaving here without a job!” She waspersistent and determined to get the job. Erin’s eyes looked around the room only to notice theskepticism of Ed’s employees. Erin’s shoulders began to droop and her guilty eyes driftedtowards the floor. She became aware of her behavior and the impression she had given. Sheknew she made a fool of herself. In a whisper Erin said, “Don’t make me beg.” She then said, “Ifit doesn’t work out, fire me.” Erin was able to change her behavior when she recognized thingswasn’t looking positive.

Erin’s overall communication efforts displayed in her character was unique as well as knowledgeable. Self-monitoring, empathy, and commitment that were explained in this paper were shown with distinction. The communication techniques were useful and helpful to prove her drive for satisfaction and completion for the people in the town Hinkley.

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