Eriksons stage and the concept of multiple intelligences Essay

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Eriksons stage and the concept of multiple intelligences

What would you do in a classroom situation with a student with a learning disability to prevent them from having poor self esteerm. Include Eriksons stage and the concept of multiple intelligences in your answer.

A student with a learning disability is an urgent matter that a teacher should be concerned of. A child has the tendency to develop a low self-esteem within an academic environment whenever he or she will fail to deliver to the norms of the classroom. Erik Erikson’s theories of child develoment are imminent in this situation. A child’s ability to learn is developed through sporadic life stages in which a child’s logic and understanding is developed gradually. His culture influences the learning process as well.

Such presumptions are formed by their interactions within their environment.  In his book, Childhood and Society, Erikson’s extension of the classical Freudian psychoanalytic concept surprised conventional Freudians. The book was about Erikson’s broad concept of dynamics of inner-outer interactions that provides  an insight of social sciences that concerns child development.

A child is compelled to adapt and adjust to his environment due to the fact that the society will adjust for him. Most schools are bent on emphasizing the development and progress of rational intelligence as well as linguistic intelligence which is reading and writing. Though most children are adept in learning within at academic environment such as a classroom, some children are not used to adapting to a academic environment where they can thrive.

These children are deemed to have learning disablility which halts the progress of their intelligence and further learning. Howard Garner’s multiple intelligence theory explains that by a broader outlook of education wherein instructors can use an alternative set of methodologies will enhance a child learning disability. Applying the theory of multiple intelligence in an academic environment will be subjective in nature due to the fact that cases will vary. It will differ from one teacher to another as well as one student from another. Yet a child will always compelled to adapt to his academic enviroment because the environment will not adjust for him.


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