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Erik Peterson

I. Executive Summary
* To launch of the new catheter successfully, Hardy’s not making decisions and Peterson’s difficulty to grasp key information are key issues. * The first issue will be solved by making Peterson Knight’s direct report in order to reduce time of approval process. * The second issue will be solved by setting one-to-one meeting between Peterson and key managers. II. Problems statement

As a General Manager of Biometra, Erik Peterson’s most important role is to launch the new catheter into the market successfully. In this case, the success of the launch means a) to launch the product on the planned date, and b) to achieve market penetration in three months after the launch (see page 5). While Biometra has several problems such as confrontation among managers, delay of validation of production lines, disbelief from KOLs and etc, there are the two most serious issues, in terms of achieving the ultimate mission above. The first issue is that Hardy does not make decision. Due to his lack of experience in medical device industry, his uncertain position, Hardy did not provide clear directions and not make decisions. In the prelaunch phase where situation changes with every moment and swift decision-making is needed, it is critical that Hardy does not make decisions since it delays preparation of the launch. The second issue is that some important information is not reported to Peterson. Though Peterson has to make primary decisions as a GM of Biometra, some key information regarding the issue of production line validation and communication with KOL is not reported to him in a timely manner. For instance, Curtis Andrews does not provide “operations reports” accurately and on time (see page 8). Also, Peterson has difficulty in grasping the situation of communication with KOLs which Scott Green and Karen Cantor are in charge of. With limited information of key problems, Peterson cannot make exact decisions in a timely manner. III. Possible Solutions Analysis

To above two problems, there are several possible solutions. Following is the list of solutions with evaluation with “Effectiveness” and “Feasibility” To the first issue, two solutions are possible.

To the second issue, following three solutions are possible.

IV. Recommendations
To the first issue, Peterson should report to Knight directly, in order to reduce time needed for approval process and to attain clear and/or practical suggestions from him. Peterson can suggest this solution when Knight visits Biometra. The Solution B is not suitable in this case, as its effectiveness is limited and it takes longer time to achieve. To the second issue, Peterson should have one-to-one meeting with Andrews and Green / Cantor to grasp the key status (Solution D). As these meetings require Peterson to allocate some time, he should ask Knight to support Andrews to manage his operation team, to which he is allocating some time.

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