Erik Peterson Essay

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Erik Peterson

Major problems are:

Lack of clear date driven project plan for product launch

Relationship management with senior stakeholders


A project plan for product launch and setting up a Project management office

Engagement of senior management in critical decisions


This case is about Erik Peterson and his career at Biometra. It discusses his journey over as General Manager in Biometra (a subsidiary of SciMat) his educational background and problems faced during the work course at Biometra. Case gives details of the:

HR issues within the organization and depicts the characteristic behavior of individuals during the panic situation. Case tells about clashes amongst the co-workers and superiors .

Inability of Erik towards persuading the seniors about some of the decision and his failure in getting guidance for further steps. It figures out the inability of Eric towards handling team and subordinates so to convince them his way of working.

Lack of Erik’s specific industry knowledge and lack of guidance to Erik

Complex relationship with some of the key opinion leaders

Case clearly summarizes that Erik worked as GM but actually wasn’t able to perform so far.


It seems that there are lot of clashes among individuals who are at senior leadership positions. Leaders are not able to coordinate with each other. There seems lack of target dates given to each department. Erik can either replace key managers by hiring new managers who can bring fresh perspectives and don’t clash with each other or setup an independent PMO office which can work with each department, develop a project plan with critical milestones for product rollout and seasoned project manager implement the project plan. It also appears that Erik has no experience in this specific product line. At the same time he is not getting enough guidance from his senior management. Erik can either take the decisions, wait to see the results or somehow involve some knowledgeable leaders in SciMat early in implementation phase to get guidance and concurrence.

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