Eradication of Disease Essay

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Eradication of Disease

Since regional elimination has been acquired with the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine, the World Health Organization has plans for worldwide eradication of the diseases. The World Health Organization has come up with a strategic plan to eradicate measles and rubella by implementing a plan to use the forced immunizations like the US has done. The lack of education, and more importantly, financing has slowed the process of eradicating these completely preventable diseases.

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In order to continue People need to know how the MMR works. The MMR vaccine is a live virus that have been modified to where you are less likely to actually get the disease, but your body reacts with an immune response. This helps because if you ever come in contact with the actual disease the antibodies are already there and your body knows how to respond and produce antibodies to stop the infection. (National Immunization Advisory Committee. 2002, March) Retrieved from:,606,en.pdf:

Around the world plans like these run into many problems, two major issues have been the lack of reliable education the public has about immunizations and financing the initiative to immunize the world. The thought that autism was caused by the MMR is a total false statement, but there are still many people who refuse them for that reason, but most of the reason to not inoculate is due to illogical arguments and even the misconception that those diseases are not an issue anymore.

Not to say there are no risks to getting your immunizations, but there are much bigger risks because a common misconception is that the risks of the vaccine outweigh the risk of a disease that we have never seen. When the disease is no longer seen, then the only risks people see are the possible side effects of the vaccine. This is a huge problem since these diseases are still huge issues in third world countries, so it is alive and well and airborne, and all it needs is one unprotected victim. .(World Health Organization,2012)Retrieved from:

The regional elimination of measles in the Americas has been achieved because they have used the immunization program since the beginning in the 1970’s. By 2009 all areas of the Americas were using the first dose at least of the MMR or just the Measles and Rubella (MR) inoculation. Data from the pre-elimination time 49% of all countries and territories in the Americas from 1996-2002 reported no confirmed cases.

In third world countries, lots of diseases seen by this generation are still as common for them as chicken pox was for people born in the 1970’s. But in third world countries, who is going to pay for them, how can you store them safely in villages with no power, and who is going to convince a culture that still uses religion and idols over medicine that this is what they need to stay healthy when they are already healthy? History has proven that all of the diseases that you get inoculated against still exist in the world, and all it needs is a willing victim.

The politics behind the forced immunizations is a huge issue everywhere because an individual wants the right to choose on that, but by having that choice, you may have taken away the choice from a child that is too young for the immunization. People want rights, but without proper knowledge, how can you make an educated decision for yourself, much less the community. In reality, uneducated individuals are not qualified to make a decision on public safety and health.

The WHO has come up with a strategy for worldwide eradication starting with the introduction of an inexpensive, shelf stable formula for these third world countries, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible. Licensing expired on the other formulas, so nobody wanted to go into mass production for any because there was no money for them in it. The new formula allowed for a new license to fund this endeavor. The plan consists of what they have managed to make appear quite simple, it’s to eradicate by 2020.

These can be stored without refrigeration and its shelf life is years compared to the more common single year rule. This still runs into issues with mandatory immunization but when you sit down and just check your statistics in the Americas the numbers are mind boggling, over 200,000 cases confirmed in 1980 to fewer than 200 confirmed in 2009 and by 2009 the fatalities from measles was nearly nonexistent. These numbers in areas where you have to have your child inoculated before starting public school.

The introduction of this plan may sound a bit radical but we don’t live in a country where we still fear these life threatening diseases. Forced dosing of any medication seems like a radical plan but a why would or should overall public health be in any one person hands?

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