Era of Good Feelings Essay

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Era of Good Feelings

An “Era of Good Feeings” is unity within a country, a stable government, beneficial or good foreign policy, and more. It shows how a country or region is in a good time period in regards to politics, economics, and social factors. The time period after the War of 1812 is often labeled the “Era of Good Feelings” due to nationalism. The government along with the people encouraged and maintained unity and stabilization within the country. There are many examples of nationalism that support that the time period after the War of 1812 was an era of good feelings. One example was the construction of canals and roads (Doc. B). The construction of roads and canals lead to more communication in regards to spreading news and informing one another about what’s going on in society. Furthermore, they lead to easier transportation. With roads and canals people were able to travel much easier and interact with one another more. An example of a canal that was built was the Erie Canal, the Erie Canal allowed goods to transfer from city to city in a much more efficient way. Another example of nationalism was the slave revolt (Doc. G).

A former slave by the name of Denmark Vesey decided to plan a slave revolt after becoming free from his owner. Thousands of blacks were involve with the plan by overthrowing their owners by killing them. He eventually was set out to be hung once the whole massacre was over with. This is an example of nationalism because it shows how equality was being fought by black citizens. They were revolting to show how they think that they should be treated exactly how the whites were treated instead of being mistaken as servants. Lastly, another example of nationalism was the Monroe Doctrine (Doc. H). The Monroe Doctrine stated that European nations should not and can not interfere with affairs of the Western Hemisphere. In other words it was telling Europeans to back off and leave the United States alone. This is an example of nationalism because it shows how the Unites States was taking a stand for themselves and showing European power that they were not going to tolerate anyone stepping over them since they ultimately knew themselves that they had power which meant they were a force to be reckoned with.

These are some of many examples of nationalism that support that the time period after the War of 1812 was an “Era of Good Feelings”. Many can argue that the time period following the War of 1812 was an “Era of Good Feelings” in result of nationalism. One example of¬†nationalism that support the statement are the roads and canals. Furthermore, another example was the slave revolt that was lead by Denmark Vesey. Lastly, another example was the signing of the Monroe Doctrine. Nationalism within the United States positively affected the country by leading them to maintain and further expand their country over the years.

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