Equality Of People In Society Or Keeping People Under Control

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When the story opens, what are the forces acting upon Montag? When the story opens, the forces acting upon Guy Montag, the protagonist, develop as the novel progresses. The novel begins with Montag being heavily invested emotionally in as work as a fireman. Rather than the firemen’s main mission being transporistransportsFahrenheit being transported to extinguish fires, they serve society by burning the books and the houses in which the books were hidden based on reports of hidden stocks of books and their location.

Montag’s mental preparation for his profession is shown as “It was a pleasure to burn/It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed”(Part 1 Page 1). Montag is dedicated and believes in his job and takes pride in it as well. Montag and his other firemen are acted upon a harsh system that governs the society by the integrity of its employees of the men in the duty of destroying books that supply sources of thought and knowledge.

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Although Montag is paid to burn the books and is expected to burn them without any questions, he acts freely.

Explain Montag’s dilemma: a) as the reader sees it? b) as Montag sees it? Montag’s dilemma is that although he is unhappy, he does not know why he feels unhappy or how to fix it. Although at first when he is asked if he is happy, Montag replied ‘Happy! Of all the nonsense” (Part 1 Page 4). He later then understands that he is truly not happy.

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There are a few people that he can turn to worsen the problem. An example is Mildred. She is drained by the parlor walls to the fact that she is neither concerned nor interested in Montag. With Beatty being the guardian of the censorship and Clarisse disappearing, Montag has no one except Faber to help him solve and work through this dilemma and find a reasonable solution. Montag then gets in contact with a retired college professor, Faber. Faber is the only person that can help Montag to create a plan to increase his state of mind and has all the answers to Montag’s questions. Montag’s dilemma is seen by the readers as a lonely person looking for companionship.

What other forces help Montag in the recognition of his dilemma? b) Explain how certain forces aid Montag in the resolution of his problem or dilemma. In Clarisse’s second conversation with Montag, she realizes something that is unlike other firemen. Clarisse notices unique about Montag as she explains, “That’s why I think it’s so strange you’re a fireman, it just doesn’t seem right for you, somehow”(Part 1 Page 11). She finds it odd how a fireman thinks and doubts would choose a firefighter as his profession. Clarisse’s observations send a message to readers that he is a compassionate character with the possibility for growth in understanding others. Their conversation helped Montag realize his dilemma however, his “unaware” theft of the books from the house that he and his other firemen burn. He notes how his hand seems to act on its own in tucking them under his arm, and the subsequent thrill and dread that he experiences, wondering if he is going to get caught. Mildred’s conversation with Montag also emphasizes his developing trouble. With Mildred as Montag’s wife, although she should know him better than anyone else, she resembles completely distracted.

With the internet and technology in our society, and that of Fahrenheit’s, information is available to merely everyone, at any time. Explain how this is a good thing and a bad thing. Technology has positive and negative impacts. Technology has improved transportation, education, and communication. Technology has helped advance different transportation such as road transport used by vehicles, water transport used by submarines and ships, air transport used by airplanes and jets, and space transport used by rockets and satellites. Technology has improved education by allowing more online resources, multimedia learning, tutoring worldwide, studying with others online, editing papers online, and being able to have books of your course in the onrealrealFahrenheitunreal real-time on the device. Technology has improved communication by giving people real-time updates and being able to communicate and interact with others worldwide faster. Although communication can be beneficial, there are negative effects as well. As Clarisse addresses the reality of society to Montag she explains that “No one has time anymore for anyone else” (Part1 Page 11) anymore. Technology has caused isolation, obesity, lack of social skills, depression, an increase in bullying, and pollution. With the internet being available at home, many tend to go on their devices than interact with others.

How is the theme of the book related to how the conflict is resolved? The theme of Fahrenheit 451 can be seen that a creative life cannot be fully enclosed. While those in the position of power might wish to do so, it is impossible to “stop life”, as it will find a way. The theme of the novel is seen in Montag’s attempt to establish meaning in his own life as his attention is raised. As Montag adventures in the novel, the readers see the idea that no matter what life can not be stopped. As Montag walks his morning walks, he ponders, “A time to break down, and a time to build up” (Part 3 Page 77). Montag then understands how reality is established and stops managing in a manner that justifies or apologizes to the status. Rather, he seeks to find ways to destroy it and eventually leave it to find his true significance of self. In its creative force, the theme of life cannot be fully restrained. Granger is like the “book covers” who live on the outskirts of town waiting to declaim their books to those who are in need are an example of this. It’s no surprise that Montag ends up joining such a group, of individuals who are waiting for life to be passed on.

Discuss how Montag’s initial condition applies to your sense of yourself in the world. In what ways is your life similar and different to Montag’s? b) Do you experience similar feelings of alienation or apathy from friends, fellow students, or adults? Montag’s initial condition does not apply to my senses of myself in the world because in general, I do not feel like I am unusual and I am not confounded about society. Montag senses that there are mistakes in the society in the novel and has his own opinion on the mistakes needed to be fixed. I believe there are mistakes in our society that are beginning to become overwhelming however, I am not as disturbed and confused as Montag in the novel. Additionally, my thoughts are not entirely segregated from the remainder of society compared to Montag’s thinking. Montag has no one to receive support from not even Mildred, his wife. Montag attempts to start a conversation with Mildred however, “she quite obviously was not listening” (Part 1 Page 31) to him since she is too busy hanging out with her “family”. Montag desires to have a conversation with her by turning the tv off to listen to him. Although I cannot relate to Montag entirely, I do feel isolated when I have a different opinion and disagreement with others.

How does Montag deal with his feelings of alienation, conformity, and apathy? Explain how it is similar or different from your resolutions. b) Why is it occurring in the two societies? c) Is there any chance of changing the lifestyle? Alienation occurs to Montag when he is discriminated against slowly and is segregated from other firemen. The Mechanical Hound first began to notice Montag. Also, as, the other firemen were downstairs playing games, “Montag stayed upstairs when this went on”(Part 1Page 11). The firemen finally get a call at Montag’s house and are entirely alienated by the other men. Although Montag used to complete orders like other firemen, as he reflects on the old lady who sacrificed herself with the books and Clarisse’s perspectives on society, as other firemen continue to display conformity he becomes more distant from the other men and begins to feel more apathy towards the job as a fireman.

What roles do people play in a community and inner-human relationships? People in the novel play different roles depending on their position in the community. Montag and his other fellow crewmembers perform the role of accomplishing the government’s desire on the community as a fireman which is a high-status job. Montag’s wife, Mildred, is just a typical housewife and her role is “keeping the home fires warm”. She is so obsessed with watching tv that she barely completes her role as a housewife. Clarisse is a student that is curious and mindful of the influence of her family. She fulfills the role of being brainwashed by society knowing that society is manufacturing on an essential level. Chief Beatty has more power over any other firemen because he is the head of the firehouse and his knowledge of human literature and intelligence. His role as the head of the firehouse is to keep his men in line and prevent them from developing curiosity that would destroy their organization. Every character plays their role as the authority has recorded it. When Montag and other individuals begin to think that society’s mistakes are fully revealed, they begin to break away from their roles.

What assumptions about the human character are the basis for the book? The assumption about the human characters that are the basis for the book is that they desire conformity. Clarisse describes herself as odd as she states that “’I’m anti-social, they say. I don’t mix. It’s so strange. I’m very social indeed. It all depends on what you mean by social, doesn’t it? Social to me means talking about things like this”(Part 1 Page 14). Clarisse exemplifies the shame held against creative people like Clarisse who questions society and are considered antisocial. People in society usually prefer the path that requires the slightest opposition and rather than effort, people tend to be attracted to unnecessary relationships and emotions. People in the novel are forced into that are acceptable rather than being able to make their own decisions.

What are the professed and actual purposes of the lifestyle of those in Fahrenheit 451? b) Compare the lifestyle with our lifestyle. The professed and actual purpose of the lifestyle in Fahrenheit 451 was to ensure equality among the people in society. While the actual purpose is to keep people controlled and ignorant, the professed purpose of the culture keeps people pleased. Beatty states that to keep society more pleased and protected, they banned books. The government believes intelligence makes people anxious and will form hateful actions. Keeping society submissive to technology and eliminating knowledge gave the government a chance to build a world where they have control over people. When Clarisse indicates “They name a lot of cars or clothes or swimming pools mostly and say how swell! But they all say the same things and nobody says anything different from anyone else” (Part 1 Page 14). People are not knowledgeable that they are socially controlled because nobody questions the government. Since Montag displays the unusual reflection of Clarisse and becomes conscious that Mildred is unintentionally unhappy as she seems to be.

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