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Equality In Indian Democracy Essay Examples

Essay on Equality In Indian Democracy

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Role of Transportation in Indian Economy

...National Highway Development Project: The World Bank is financing highway construction on the Lucknow-Muzaffarpur corridors. It is also involved in other sector activities such as improving road road safety. Rural Roads Program: The project supports the PMGSY in providing all weather roads to villages in four states – Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. State Roads Projects: State Highways are being upgraded in the states of Kerala, Mizoram, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Pun...

Indian Societies: Gender roles in the Ramayana

...In conclusion, the male and female roles in the Ramayana were pre-established by the rigorous society in which the story developed. Males had certain expectations they had to fulfill such as being rulers and leaders in order to be good men. Females, on the other hand, were limited to being faithful to their husbands while expressing their love for the family. Each had a role in society that they could not differ from due to extreme moral valuation. Men were to become the best warriors and to de...

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The Golden Age Is Not Behind Us But Before Us

...In the field of politics there has been more of decline than progress. Despite, our great boast of having substituted dictatorship with democracy, we have not been able to root out imperialism and colonialism to establish lasting world-peace. We have established the U.N. and for securing universal peace and harmony but the two clashing ideologies of the modern world, the Communist bloc and the Capitalist block are contending desperately for the mastery of the world peace’ is still no better th...

Future Indian Sports Manager

...Today the face of sports especially in India is changing and I am right now in a stage in my career where with all the experience gained in the corporate world coupled with my passion for sports I can contribute in this field. For this I need to be further exposed to the knowledge and experience which your institute offers. I dream to make a change in the industry in my country and this is the main motive behind me applying for the degree which has already enabled many individuals to achieve the...

Should We Teach Patriotism in Schools

...Our youth needs to develop a sense of what the American ideal stands for by learning of historical events and people. A patriotic civic education is one of the few ways our educational system can incorporate cultural values and moral lessons. It is difficult to learn the value of equality during an algebra lesson as well as learn the value of liberty in a biology lecture. As our students advance in their cognitive thinking ability, civic education courses need to expose more truth and have less ...

Indian epic written about 2000 years ago chronicles the

...Indian epic written about 2,000 years ago chronicles the eternal struggle between Good and Evil and makes the exaltation of the ideal marriage.After years of being deprived of jungle life, Sita is charmed by a beautiful golden gazelle and asks her husband, the warrior Rama, to bring her as a gift. What they do not know is that the animal is a bait: while Rama tries to capture him, the king of demons, Ravana, intends to abduct Sita and make her his wife. As in the Greek epic Iliad or the Star War...

Kant and Equality

..." I might, in such a situation, choose to act on a statement of the form, "If I desire some specific end (e. g. happiness, maximum pleasure, power, etc. ), then I ought to do such and such an action. " In doing so I would be acting on what Kant calls "a hypothetical imperative. " However, Kant has already ruled out ends as the grounds for moral obligation; thus hypothetical imperatives cannot serve as the basis for determining my moral duty. However, if I act on a principle which has the form, "...

Equality is treating everyone equally regardless their skin

...Equality is treating everyone equally regardless their skin colour, race, gender, religion, disability, sexuality etc. There are rules that makes sure every individual is treated equally and not discriminated because of their race, gender etc. Organisations have equality policies to ensure that equality is reinforced. Diversity is tolerating and accepting contrasts among yourself as well as other individuals. This implies that everybody is perceived as being diverse which is esteemed and respect...

Impact of Capital Market on Indian Economy

...Conducive to implementation of Monetary Policy: since RBI controls the movement and availability of money in the economy. When RBI follows the expansionary policy it purchases government securities from the bond market and sells the same in the in the secondary market. This process has some effect on the interest rates. Thus capital market helps RBI in applying the monetary policy. Indicates the state of the economy: Capital market is said to be the face of the economy. This is so because when c...

Equality Egalitarianism is that all people are equal and deserve equal rights

...Equality Egalitarianism is that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. Harry Frankfurt argues two claims in his text of Equality as a Moral Ideal, one is negative and the other positive and the negative aspect of his claim is directed towards economic egalitarianism which is desirable for everyone to have the same amount of income and wealth. Frankfurt's argument towards this is that economic equality is not particular to moral importance, but the positive claim made by...

Race and Ethnicity in South Africa

...The apartheid government believed that South Africa should be represented predominantly by the beliefs and cultures of the white race group, diminishing the others. Tutu’s speech directly challenges this by saying that the South African nation is a rainbow nation, with its national identity involving the different cultures, religions and beliefs of any and every group. This goes against the apartheid belief of a white supremacist state, saying that South Africa is a home to a diverse populatio...

Brassica junceait is conjointly referred to as mustard Indian mustard Chinese mustard

...Brassica juncea,it is conjointly referred to as mustard, Indian mustard, Chinese mustard, and leaf mustard, could be a species of mustard plant. mustard is additionally referred to as inexperienced mustard cabbage Its subvarieties embody southern bigcurled mustard, that is comparable to a headless cabbage like kale, however it's a definite horse radish mustard flavor.reported to be, diuretic, emetic, medicinal drug, and stimulant, Indian Mustard is understood to be a folks remedy forinflammatory...

Patriotism and National Pride

...The day that patriotism ceases, that day we will have ceased to be a people Patriotism is not dead; our nation is not finished. Let us rally behind our flag; let us love our country with all its faults; let us work to improve it with all our strength; let us defend it with all our resources; let us hand it on to generations unborn better than it was when we received it; let us instill in our children the hope of our forefathers for the ultimate fulfillment of their dreams. But above all, let us ...

Eliminating Prejudice and Discrimination Inside the Classroom

...To be able to contribute to the success of the multicultural education, the teacher should have the in-depth understanding of the paradigm of multicultural education. This would eliminate the chance of unintentional discrimination inside the classroom. Studies revealed that teachers with special education coursework and teachers who had received training in special education had more positive attitudes towards inclusive multicultural education as compared to the teachers who lacked in-service tr...

To accelerate the implementation of gender equality equity and empowerment of women

...To accelerate the implementation of gender equality, equity and empowerment of women several conventions took upon themselves to address the then existing gaps. United Nations and other regional bodies like South African Development Committee (SADC) endorsed and committed themselves to integrating various resolutions and commitments into their policies and programmes of action. This paper is going to review how provisions in the Beijing declaration and platform for action (1995), Convention on e...

Rizal’s Visit to the United States

...May 13 1888 Rizal reached the New York, He stayed 3 days in the city, which he was called “ The Big Town” He was awed and inspired by the memorial of George Washington. He wrote to Ponce: “He is a great man who, I think has no equal in this country.” May 16, 1888, he left the New York for Liverpool on board the “City of Rome”. The second largest ship in the world, the largest being the “Great Eastern” He saw with Trilling sensation the colossal Statue of Liberty on Bedloe Island....

A Study of Trends in Indian Partition Literature

...21. Johar is the ancient Rajput tradition of women jumping into huge fire-pits to save their honour from the enemy’s army if defeat seemed imminent. 22. Women jumped into wells to protect themselves from rape and mutilation. Dying chaste was preferred to living a life of humiliation. Hence, they were saved in the eyes of society. 23. Women who committed suicide were venerated because they were believed to have died for a noble cause. Hence, their deaths received social sanction and appreciatio...

Women Empowerment

...Media, which wields immense power in a democracy - a power which is only expanding and not diminishing, needs carrying out a focused attention about women- related issues and the portrayal of women. It is, perhaps, necessary that the stabilizing force of women must be brought home to the Indian people. In every family and society, there is an ethical and spiritual space, which has been traditionally dominated by women. The principal character in Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion bemoans, ‘why can’t...


...Hawaii remained a territory of the U. S. Until 1959 when it became the 50th state. Queen Liliuokalani remained in Hawaii and died the last royal in 1917. In 1993 the U. S. Congress apologized for the U. S. Role in the overthrow of the Queen. Hawaii was also valuable because of its location to trade in China with it’s huge population. Japan had attacked China making it weak. England, France, Germany, and Russia all carved out spheres of influence. Spheres of Influence: Regions where a particula...

Democratic Origins and Revolutionary Writers, 1776-1820

...Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753-1784) Given the hardships of life in early America, it is ironic that some of the best poetry of the period was written by an exceptional slave woman. The first African-American author of importance in the United States, Phillis Wheatley was born in Africa and brought to Boston, Massachusetts, when she was about seven, where she was purchased by the pious and wealthy tailor John Wheatley to be a companion for his wife. The Wheatleys recognized Phillis's remarkable inte....

Human Resources and Industrial Relations in the Public Sector

...As society changes and more are demanded from employer, employee and the organization, adopting the more common soft approach to human resource management shows development on the part of the industrial relations system. There is a need for industrial relations in society, but by adding more roles that may have diminished due to human resource manage, it ensures not only survival but the ability to survive in a society where west is viewed as better, and human resource management is the way of ...

The Cuban Revolution

...* DePalma, A. 2008. 1959 – The Cuban Revolution. New York Times Upfront, Volume 141, Issue 1, page 24. * Ferguson, H. 1999. The Cuban Revolution and Latin America. Royal Institute of International Affairs 1944, Volume 3, Issue 3, Page 285 – 292 * Goldenburg, B. 1966. The Cuban Revolution and Latin America. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volume 367, Issue 1, page 167. * Turning Points by Darlington et al in 2002 published by Heinemann in Melbourne. * Vario...

In this Brobdingnagian excerpt Ishmael constantly emphasizes

...In this Brobdingnagian excerpt, Ishmael constantly emphasizes the depiction of men and how democracy affects it. This can be seen when Ishmael “discovers” evidence of God in even the “meanest mariners” and reveals that he often times ignores people`s flaws because of their “democratic dignity.” Moreover, this idea of depiction and democracy can also be seen when he depicts Starbuck and his personality. While he describes Starbuck, he reassures the readers that nothing “devastating...

Impact of the Collision of the Old and New World on Europeans, Africans, and the Indians

...The creation of the New World and the Columbian Exchange impacted three ethnicities: the Europeans, the indigenous, and the Africans. Despite the few minor setbacks the Europeans had to go through, such as the "starving time" and the spread of syphillis, the Europeans were impacted in a very positive way. They were able to find gold and silver and plant many crops, and as a result were able to create the 13 colonies. But the indigenous people did not benefit, most died from disease brought by th...

Romanticism, Its Influence on French Revolution

...Unlike Wordsworth, Coleridge was more open and receptive to the social and political world around him. He was a very versatile man and he lead a life that covered many fields and his work displayed this. He was a poet of nature, romance, and the Revolution. He was a philosopher, a historian, and a political figure. The French Revolution played a great role in shaping Coleridge into each of these things. According to Albert Hancock, Coleridge tended to focus his life on two things. The first, bei...

Danone in India

...General Manager-Head marketing and Innovation, Britannia Industries Ltd, said, “The bottom line on the promotion is that it increased sales by 49 per cent. What’s equally important is that the promotion worked well as a package – from very innovative premia to the actual contest to the on ground activation. ” Also, a TV show, Power Your Rangers, was recreated as a mobile game for cell phone users. The mobile game was available to 16 million India Mobile subscribers. Britannia also reache...

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