Equal participation of women in all fields Essay

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Equal participation of women in all fields

If you are educating a women, you are educating a whole family. In today’s world equal participation of women in all fields has become very important. Now we cannot say that women can’t do anything that the men can do and in such a world where women can do whatever they want to. Nobody can stop them. For example today’s women are joining army,taking part in business, stock markets and what not and the most amazing thing about women are that they are multitalented BUT SOME PEOPLE DO NOT ALLOW WOMEN TO PROGRESS AND VIOLET THE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. SUCH PEOPLE HAVE NARROW THINKING. Liberation OF WOMEN HAS TAKEN A LOT OF TIME BUT IT IS NOT COMPLETED. As per the statistics data, Literacy rate increased from 8% to 55% from 1971 to 2001, work & employment increased from 14% to 40% In administrative and political area only 10 -12%. Only 3% of Judges are women This is not enough.

What is hindering equal opportunity?
Managing home and work

 Social Evils . Ignorance or Lack of Awareness & Safety What is the solution?
Education, Empowerment and Enforcement. Develop from childhood .Introduce stringent laws and enforcement

Provide Better Transport and Working conditions

Women play a critical role in the overall progress of a country as they constitute half the human resources of a nation. The economic wealth of a country is seriously depleted if about half of the nation’s human resource is neglected .

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