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Environmentalism and Deforestation Activities

Deforestation is a severe environmental destruction which cannot be revived easily if changed at current rate. Therefore, I totally agree that deforestation causes a lot of environmental problems. Deforestation includes the cutting down, burning and destructing of forests. The deforestation affects the ecosystem and disrupts the oxygen and carbon oxide cycle. People have an impression that if the trees were cut down, it will grow back in a few years. Everyone knows the trees are very important in our daily life because it can produces oxygen to people can breathe with fresh air.

However, the trees become less because deforestation. We can plant more trees around the environment to prevent the deforestation. Furthermore, plant more trees also can prevent our health and the global warming.

In short, we can plant more trees to stop the deforestation. On the other hand, we can recycle the anything that we can recycle it. The paper that we use every day was makes from trees, so, we cannot waste the paper and we must reuse the part that can be used.

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We also can buy the variety of recycled items likewise papers, toilet paper, note books, and shopping bags. When we start use the recycled things, we can save many the demand of raw material replaced by the recycled products.

We can join the environmental group to prevent deforestation and and protect our environment. When we join the group, we can make some notice boards about the serious of deforestation. For example, we can write the ‘Please save our earth!’, ‘Stop cutting the trees!’ and the others.

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The notice board can placed at the college, school, or the road side to remaining people that our earth was dangerous now. In fact, people can realize the deforestation was very harmful to our earth. In conclusion, the deforestation was cause many environmental problems. Therefore, we need some way to stop all such deforestation activities immediately for our earth future become very well.

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Environmentalism and Deforestation Activities

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