Environmental Pollutions Is Common Problem to All People

Environment pollution is one of the characteristics dangerous of environmental destruction, which is an urgent problem faced by all the global people in recent years. (Natural Resources Defence Council) In today’s global world, the environment issue is becoming a common problem to all the people in the world. The reason that influence the environmental pollution is like plastics waste, ozone, open burning, river or sea pollution, Perishing biodiversity, and deforestation. (N, Divyapriyadharshini, S.Devayani, V. Agaiya,2019). According to World Wildlife Fund 2018, an online survey conducted by the environmental issue in between February and March 2018 shows about more than 86% are associated with pollution of rivers and oceans while more than 83% are worried deforestation or unlawful logging.

Moreover, more than 80% are anxious about mismanaged, plastic waste, recycled, global warming, and climate change. The economic expansion is seen as the principal factor of environmental problems and natural resource depletion (Joshi & Rahman, 2016). The strong economic growth and population increase are stressing the earth by enabling various environmental pollution problem to become more significant (Thieme et al.

, 2015). The impact of environmental degradation is limitless, and the quality of life of now and future generations depends on the security and protection of the ecosystem (Said et al., 2003). Whenever these environmental problems grow to worsen day by day, academics and specialists across the globe need to pay particular attention to them and take proactive countermeasures to reduce the environmental effect of unexpected growth.

Environmental awareness has been one of the significant issues since 1990. (Ali, A & Ahmad, I, 2012) Due to the increasing awareness about environmental issues and the multiple attempts of the government to create people’s awareness of society’s effect on the environment, environmentalism has become a significant global trend.

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(Isaac Cheah & Ian Phau, 2010) This trend to increase the purchasing of green product is supported by the numerous reasons described in the academic literature that includes the improvement of environmental knowledge caused by consumer’s attention to the environment or a collection of personal value and attitude pro-environmental (Aasha Sharma & Cyril Foropan, 2010) Nowadays, multiple studied have shown that consumers are more aware of the environment. (Chyong et al., 2006; Zanon & Teichmann, 2016) According to the World Wildlife Fund (2018), 95% of the respondents stated that they generally expressed concern or very concerned about the real environment. Thus, 84% of peoples are interested in learning more about the environmental ambitions of political parties toward the country. Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental problems that have contributed to a green revolution that altered the demand and purchasing behaviour of the consumers. (Tang Sock Mun, 2014) Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental problems that have contributed to a green revolution that altered the demand and purchasing behaviour of the consumers. Even though the consumers recognize that their purchasing behaviour may have a major effect on their environment, but they still face major challenges such as consumer awareness of green products, changing customer attitudes, poor customer awareness of green products, value of green products, and other challenges. (Norazah Mohd. Suki, 2013)

Antil (1984) described that the manufacturer, utilize or dispose of the green product is less harmful to the environment. Generally, green products must not contain toxic ingredients, so they are more environmentally friendly. (Borin, Cerf & Krishnan, 2011) Besides, the consumers that have aware of the society who care about the impact their consumption on the public and these consumers usually have strong environmental awareness in the world. (Norazah & Norbayah. 2015) Hence, these types of consumers also equate environmental implications with the purchasing behaviour. For example, consumers with these features will choose only products with reusable packaging and this will affect the amount of the garbage produced (Follows & Jobber, 2000). In reality, Moser (2015) claimed that changing daily consumer behaviour would be a suitable starting point to promote environmental protection.

According to a survey by Our Green World (2008), an online survey undertaken by the global market insight and information group TNS in 2008 discovered about 35% of Malaysian respondents consider that the green promotion will affect the consumer’s purchasing behaviour. Furthermore, about 83% of Malaysians who responded to the online survey said that their purchase behaviour will be affected by the company’s implementation based on their view on environmental protection. These results are consistent with Abdul Wahid & Abustan (2002), who found that the majority of consumers stated that their intention to purchase would be influenced by the advertising of the green products.

In conclusion, consumers’ awareness of environmental issues is slowly increasing as customers modify their habits by incorporating environmental aspects to their lifestyles, leading to attract the interest of consumers with their concerns about environmental issues. (Abdul Wahid, N & Abustan, I, 2002) Consumers tend to be concerned about the environment and able to demonstrate purchasing behaviour that represents this concern to support green brands. (Oyewole,2001) Green product demand and perceptions are likely to be inconsistent across various segments of the market and cultures. (Elham & Nabsiah, 2011) Therefore, the purpose of this research is to realize green products for today’s market and the key factors that influence customers willing to pay for green products.

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