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Environmental Issues Essay

Not enough can be said about the environmental problems that the planet earth and its inhabitants is currently facing. Aside from the rampant pollution that people nowadays have to live with, people must also be concerned with the inescapable problems that affect the ozone layer, which in turn causes global warming. Global warming is not an issue that only affects a few people from poorer parts of the world. It is a global problem that people must face now before time runs out.

Although it is true that global warming, the thinning and the destruction of the ozone layer, are irreversible, people can start working as one now to help alleviate the problem. This time no one is spared from the problems that Mother Earth has bestowed its inhabitants after years of abuse. There are a number of things that one can do in order to start solving the planet. These may be done in one’s home, school, office or community, and may even be simpler than one can even imagine.

At home, people may start being more disciplined and conscious in recycling everything that can be recycled. Paper, bottles, cans, plastics, and other items may be recycled properly and taken to recycling centers. Brown paper bags and plastic bags may be reused to line trash cans rather than using new trash liners and garbage bags. Food may be used in reusable containers instead on disposable plastic containers.

Electric energy may be conserved by avoiding the use of electrical appliances when needed, such as turning of lights, electronic devices when a person leaves the room, less ironing of clothes that are only worn at home, or the use of manual can openers and knife sharpeners instead of using the electric can openers and knife sharpening devices. The use of cold water in the washer rather than hot water also saves energy as well as prolongs the longevity of one’s clothes.

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Turning off the faucet when not in use, or even turning the heat down and putting on sweaters indoors instead are also energy-conserving ways. In one’s yard, a compost pit may be started where leaves and other biodegradable household waste may be put into. Rather than using insecticides, homeowners and gardeners may opt to pull weeds instead. Planting dense shrubs close to the house’s foundation also adds insulation to one’s home to protect against draft and the cold.

People should also be more conscious of the ways they use their cars. More and more people are now observed to be using their bicycles, which is not only an excellent workout but also helps conserve energy. Further, more and more people have rediscovered the joys of carpooling and the use of public transit. A lot of new cars are now more fuel-efficient and produce lower emissions, which must be one of the greater considerations when buying a new car.

Old cars must be regularly tuned up, and its oil must be regularly changed as well. The same is true in one’s office. Recycle all the materials, such as paper, paper clips, boxes, among others properly. There are a number of electronic office devices which are energy efficient and may be acquired instead of less energy efficient ones. The higher price makes up for more savings in the long run. All in all, there are a million things people can do to help alleviate the environmental concerns the earth is now facing.

Joining a conservation organization, volunteering one’s time to conservation projects or even allotting a few loose change for conservation projects may also be helpful especially if done sincerely. People must start encouraging each one to take part and be more involved in the proper care of the environment. Children must be taught as early as possible to respect and care for the environment. Conservation concerns must be properly disseminated to the community to enjoin its members to help and take part in caring for the environment.

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