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Environmental Friendly Recommendations For Las Vegas Hotels Essay

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Things that are considered to be compliant to environmental friendly regulations are those that take special care and attention to conserve water, energy and practice proper waste management. There are a number of hotels in Las Vegas which participate in “Green practices”. These practices include towel and sheet reuse programmes, recycling and energy conservation practices like turning lights off when they are not in use, turning TV off when one is not in the room and so on.

According to a survey carried out by Green Seal, an organization that is responsible for the certification of a variety of businesses and the result for the survey indicated that in an average 150-room hotel in Las Vegas consumes just about the same amount of power as 100 households hosting four people at a time.

It further suggested that some of the reasons why there was such power consumption was because in houses the lights are turned off during the night which is not the case in hotels which use power 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It also presupposed that people on houses are aware of the escalating cost of water and power and thus tended to impose self-monitoring and conservation measures to curb excessive consumption. This was found not to be the case in most hotels because most of the guests don’t worry much about resource conservation while they are in the hotels. Other items that could be reused include soap, shampoo, lotion and food items. While it is easier to reuse these items at home, hotel guests find it hard to reuse these items.

This leads to a lot of waste which harm the environment. Then there is also space. While rooms in houses are always built depending on the number of regular inhabitants and are designed in such a way to minimize the wastage of space, hotel rooms are a complete opposite. The rooms built are to fit a large number of inhabitants who may not be regular. This leads to a lot of unused space and coupled with the cost of heating or cooling the rooms, there is a large overhead on power consumption and space utilization.

Some of the recommendation to reduce the excessive use of these resources which hotels in Las Vegas can incorporate in their programs include: reusing of towels and sheets. This is because it makes no sense to change sheets and towels everyday for a person since they are still technically clean. The hotels can also try using compact fluorescent light bulbs which use far little amount of power than the normal light bulbs, this will save tremendously on power consumption.

Other programs can also be to introduce bulk bathroom amenities which entail use of shared resources like soap and shampoo by all the guests. Then the hotels can also include recycling of waste materials to help also in the environmental programme. In a nutshell, some of the recommendations for the hotel industry includes educating and influencing internal and external stakeholders in the hotel industry to reduce energy consumption and keep track of how much has been gained by the programmes, recycle waste water as well as reduce its usage by introducing programmes like bottled water and so on.

Then there they can also minimize waste by recycling some items that can be recycled and reusing others that can be reused. Furthermore, the hotels can implement sustainable procurement practices and also participate in local community environmental activities.


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