Environmental Factors the Affect the Marketing Procedures of Coca Cola International Essay

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Environmental Factors the Affect the Marketing Procedures of Coca Cola International

Coca Cola is an international business company that needs international advertising as well. Businesses spend billions of advertising dollars every year because they know that viewers are influenced by what they see and hear. They don’t spend that money because they think advertising might work; they know it works. It sells their products. In 2004, The Coca-Cola Company spent 2. 2 billion dollars advertising its products worldwide in print, on the radio, and on television. Was the investment worthwhile?

The company made nearly 22 billion dollars in profits for that year. Advertisers realize that one ad may not affect behavior. Instead, they rely on the cumulative impact of years of indoctrination. The truth is, with just a minute’s airing of an advertisement, some thousands of consumers are rather attracted to buy the products shown on TV. With this fact in mind, it could be noted that advertising is rather considered as one of the major procedures of marketing that any type of company could invest upon.

However, the question is how sure are the advertisers that their products would sell up through the presentation that they make through advertising? What are the factors that contribute to the said effects of advertising marketing to the consumers? This is what is considered within the discussion of how the environmental factors actually affect the impact of advertising towards the target consumers. The Marketing Strategy’s Effective Placement

As noted earlier, Coca Cola is an international beverage company that actually handles the production of drinks that are likely to soothe the drinking needs of the consumers. However, selling beverages may not appear to be as easy as it looks. Most people would consider the beverages presented by Coca Cola to the society are likely for hot times only. How then is the company coping up with its sales during cold season? It is undeniable that Coca Cola, upon observation, tries to make the best out of the time that they are given.

It could be noted that even during the cold seasons, the said company is able to attract consumers that are likely fond of the beverages that they offer no matter what weather there may be. December is likely the winter time which usually caters hot beverages and their promotions to the buying public. However, Coca Cola managed to use the said environmental change in terms of weather for their own advantage. Coca Cola’s advertisement of Santa Claus holding Coke Beverages is indeed an attractive approach, whereas the company paved the way to a more appreciated matter of the season than that of the cold weather itself.

It was a rather creative approach that has given this advertisement a major difference from that of the other marketing strategies used by the same company. Obviously, their approach to the situation has placed them in a better edge against their competitors in the industry thus giving the company better gains than the others for annual productivity for the entire business organization. Conclusion Weather is just one particular factor in the advertising and marketing word that actually affects the approach of product promotion in the field of consumer-producer relationship.

It is undeniable through that weather, single as it is, has a great effect on the presentation of advertisements during specific seasons as suggested by the environment itself. Coca Cola on the other hand has been able to take responsible consideration of these unavoidable changes in the environment for the their own good that actually outlines the possibility that they are then given the rightful share of their own creativity in presenting their marketing approach in the field of advertising. As a result, the said company was able to get the best out of the possible changes of the environment.

Their gains and the edge against their competitors that they were able to accomplish through the said approached saved their values for service and profit well. True, environment itself may present challenges to different companies with regards the launching of the different products that they present to the society, however, effective utilization of the said situations for the benefit of the organization could make the strategy of marketing more apprehended and efficient for international advertising approaches.

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