Environmental Depletion Essay

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Environmental Depletion

1. Individuals are affected by the environment in different ways. The environment is an essential element in man’s daily sustenance. The environment is the source of fresh air which humans breath in order to live, the source of fruits and vegetables that are necessary for the better functioning of the body, and the care taker of nature which provides man with a serene view of the world. The environment is also the source of trees and other raw materials that are used in the production of the basic needs of the modern world.

The environment aids man in so many ways that living without it is totally indispensable for the survival of man. However, the many blessings and benefits which man derives from the environment have caused greed and abuse. The environment, as many theorize is very sick because of man’s lack of concern for it. Instead of striving to preserve and/ or cultivate all that the environment has to offer, man continues to abuse and show lack of care for the environment. Thus, the world now is experiencing too many nature related tragedies.

The tragedies that are happening and the climate changes as well as global warming are all the result of man’s depletion of the earth’s natural resource. Everything which the environment has to offer has been continually abused by man and utilized commercially to satisfy their greed for profit. What man forgets is that whatever he does with the environment will be done to him two fold.

Aside from the physical effects, changes in the environment can also have physiologic and psychological effects to man. If the temperature is hot and dry, man tends to be sweaty and thirsty while if the temperature is cold, the body of man tends to cling on to something that will provide him warmth. Psychologically, a hot temperature will most likely cause man to be easily irritated and annoyed. More often than not, the patience is man is shorter when it is hot as compared when the temperature is cold.

In addition, if the environment to which man lives in is rowdy or in chaos or there is too much pollution, the tendency of man is also to feel and act in chaos whereas if the environment is serene, man, most often than not, will feel relaxed and relieved. A busy and crowded environment may lead to stress but a lax setting may temper the mind and feelings of man.

Individuals, generally, act in accordance with what they see and feel from the environment. There are only a few people who do not feel affected with what is happening in their environment, these are the people who have high tolerance and have a high sense of discipline to detach themselves from the environment where they are.

2. In the past five years, there has been an increased awareness in the environment because man has been feeling the wrath of nature. The effects of the pollution of the water, the seas and rivers, the air and the noise pollution that are felt world wide are starting to cause serious trouble to man’s daily existence. There has been too much pollution around that man can hardly enjoy the benefits which nature used to offer. The climate changes, global warming, extinction of plants, animals and fishes, melting of glaciers and scarcity of natural resources such as water, trees and animals have caused man difficulties. In some parts of the world, such as Africa, water scarcity is very prevalent (Arriens, 2007). The people there hardly have any water to drink, cook and bath. In the years to come, it has been predicted by several scientists and researchers that water scarcity will be felt in a greater degree.

If there is water scarcity, almost all resources will be affected. Lack of water will also deprive man to cultivate the soil and plant fruits, vegetables and rich thus there will be food shortage. Cost of products bought in the market will also rise. The lesser products there are available, the higher is the cost.

The fear of man to experience all of these adverse effects is the reason why there has been an increased awareness of the environment, which I believe is just right. Man needs to protect and preserve the blessings of nature in order to live longer and enjoy life better.

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