Environmental And Energy Management Systems Environmental Sciences Essay

Both the ISO 14001 and the EN 16001: Energy Management systems provide a set of controls that are to help organisations better on energy efficiency. They are guidelines that set out to help organisations to cut down the emanations of green house gases, cut down costs associated with energy usage, and overall assist them to come up with a system that will assist in energy direction. These guidelines will besides assist the organisations to come up with policies and aims to achieve the same.

They both guarantee the sustainability of energy usage within organisations ( FIAT Group, 2009 ) .

Both Energy direction systems were set out to make criterions with which organisations could progress and do better their energy direction systems. They set out to supply an lineation, which organisations can utilize to better energy efficiency and to guarantee sustainable usage of their energy resources ( FIAT Group, 2009 ) .

The ISO 14001 Environment direction system was designed so that it could help organisations to transport our concerns that were environmentally friendly.

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It was besides aimed at making a competitory border on environmental activities so that changeless attempts could be made to guarantee that there was changeless betterment on guaranting that environmental factors were put into consideration when making concern. The ISO 14001 was consecutive since it achieved 50,000 organisations that were certified ISO 14001 certified ( SGS, 2011 ) .

The first measure is guaranting that organisations put in topographic point restorative and preventative steps towards accomplishing environmental sustainability. The organisations so go in front to supervise and mensurate the actions they have put in topographic point through an internal audit, Implementation so goes on secret agents are put in topographic point.

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Planing for the energy policy is done and from at that place, there should be uninterrupted reappraisal by the direction to guarantee that uninterrupted betterment is done on the policies and secret agents that have been put in topographic point ( Bureau Veritas, 2007 ) .

BS EN 16001:2009 will greatly help in bettering any concern, as it will guarantee planning and effectual execution of energy direction in all degrees of concern. SGS audits are besides carried out and these guarantee that cardinal issues that trade with operations and how clients are organized are prioritized when be aftering for efficient energy direction ( NQA.com, n.d ) .

The ISO 16001 recommends that leaders of organisations should guarantee that an energy policy for their organisation is drafted and implemented. When making this, they should see energy ingestions in the past and any chances that may be at that place to heighten efficiency in energy usage. A thorough reappraisal of energy facets should besides be done at intervals which shall be pre defined by the top direction. Aims should besides be set out and marks decided upon to guarantee that they meet the degree of efficiency desired. There should besides be definition of duties and resources should be established and defined. Documentation of all the above should besides be carried out and communicated to all those concerned. ( NQA.com, n.d ) .

Both ISO 14001 and BS En 16000 recommend that preparation of forces and awareness creative activity should be done so that to heighten efficiency. They besides outline that considerations should be made during procurement and acquisition of equipment and of natural stuffs to guarantee energy efficiency. Monitoring should besides be done on a regular basis to guarantee conformity with set out policies on efficient energy usage and disciplinary actions taken where efficiency has been compromised ( FIAT Group, 2009 ) .

Several factors motivate companies towards accomplishing ISO 14001. The major 1 is that clients are continuously seeking to be associated with companies that have achieved enfranchisement. Many companies are hence seeking to heighten their repute by accomplishing enfranchisement. Due to increased fight in the industry market, many companies want to keep an border over the remainder and therefore the demand to accomplish ISO 14001 and the BS EN 16000 enfranchisement. There are nevertheless many other benefits of accomplishing the ISO 14001 enfranchisement. There will be reduced work load on the authorities as less clip and resources will be allocated towards designation and probes of companies that are non implementing environmental direction systems. Since both the ISO 14001and the BS EN 16000 call for companies to take part in periodic reappraisal of environmental ordinances and legislative acts, the companies will be in a better place to self-assess themselves and hence guarantee conformity and self ordinance of concerns ( Tibor & A ; Ira, 1996 ) .

Businesss that get efficient Energy direction systems better on their environmental public presentation. In China for illustration, it has been noted that other factors that are behind the motive of companies desiring to accomplish the ISO 14001 enfranchisement are reduced costs and enhanced environmental public presentation. It was besides noted energy direction systems when integrated with other policy mechanisms, was lending positively in traveling chinaaa‚¬a„?s economic system towards sustainability of concerns.

The chief purpose of puting out the above energy direction systems was to assist cut down the emanation of green house gases, which have led to the ozone bed depletion. Environmental direction has become a cardinal concern because of the hapless province of the environment due to overuse of environmental resources in the procedures of development. It has hence become a world-wide concern to guarantee environmental sustainability in these activities.

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Environmental And Energy Management Systems Environmental Sciences Essay
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