Environmental Essay Topics

Environmental program

Superfund is an environmental program formed to address abandoned hazardous waste sites. It is also established by the amended Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980. The law was enacted in the height of the discovery of dumps of toxic wastes in the 1970. The law permits the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to… View Article

Be an Environmental Advocate

As times have changed, so has our planet. Global warming has become a critical issue in today’s society, and it will not go away unless we do something about it. There are people all around the globe who have made the change and decided to be conscious of the health of our world. Unfortunately however,… View Article

Environmental Case Analysis

The case tells about the current crisis in the New England fisheries, which recorded the devastation in the ocean ecosystem due to overfishing in that part of the globe. The discovery of the George Bank or “St. George’s Shoal” in the northern pole between the Newfoundland and Labrador in 1821 paved the opportunity for the… View Article

Environmental assessment

This paper has been written to analyze in-depth, the pollution, covering air, water, chemicals, and other such related issues in the United States. Further, I would also be developing an environmental health teaching plan to address one of these issues. Environmental issues are becoming very prevalent in today’s world. The question is why the environment… View Article

Environmental and Ecological Issues in Robyn Eckersley’s Perspective

Robyn Eckersley, a renowned environmentalist believes that ecocentric theorists do not claim that anthropocentrism is the sole or original cause of the ecological crisis. She also reflects that environmental crisis is the outcome of humanity’s joyful and spontaneous instincts due to repressive social and psychic division of labor. As a matter of fact, she contends… View Article

Environmental Analysis and Long-term objectives

The organization selected for this paper to discuss the environmental analysis and long-term objectives is Dunkin Donuts. The main focus will be on the forces and trends operating in the environment which have a considerable effect on the running of the organization. The paper will first discuss these forces and trends in detail and then… View Article

Environmental Ethics

Environmental ethics falls under the discipline of environmental philosophy that studies how human beings relate to their natural environment. This is a wide study that involves a variety of other disciplines such as those that study human relationships, economics, the earth’s structure and biology especially ecology. Human beings being the most superior of all the… View Article

Environmental Ethical Issues

Contemporary environmental ethics emerged as an academic discipline in the 1970’s, as nature was the focus of much of the nineteenth and twentieth century philosophy. ” In the past thirty years society started the questioning and thinking of the relationship of human beings with the natural environment. This reflected an already widespread perception in the… View Article

Environmental Ethical Issues

Environmental ethics is the discipline that studies the moral status, relationship and value of human beings to the environment, along with its nonhuman contents. It is the branch of environmental philosophy that extends the conventional boundaries of ethics that solely takes on humans by embracing the nonhuman world. It employs influence on an enormous variety… View Article

Environmental Friendly Recommendations For Las Vegas Hotels

Things that are considered to be compliant to environmental friendly regulations are those that take special care and attention to conserve water, energy and practice proper waste management. There are a number of hotels in Las Vegas which participate in “Green practices”. These practices include towel and sheet reuse programmes, recycling and energy conservation practices… View Article

Environmental Values Paper

Ecofeminism like other groups advocating the ideals of feminism is a particular distinction applied to women whose great efforts are directed towards the interrelations of society and nature. Greta Claire Gaard (1993) pointed out that the term ecofeminism is “more descriptive of a concern with cultivating an ecological ethic that goes beyond concepts of social… View Article

Environmental pragmatism

Pluralism, environmental pragmatism and eco feminism represent differing perspectives on the subject of moral ethics. The paper seeks to look into the details surrounding some of these issues and comparisons between them will be made. Major principles As the name suggests, eco-feminism refers to a merger between feminism and environmentalism. In other words, the term… View Article

Environmental Science

Environment is one of the most discussed topics in the international community and is one of the many concerns of political leaders today. Due to this, different environmental issues have arisen such as the climate change, sustainable development, and air pollution. Climate change is the most popular and most discussed issue in the international community… View Article

Environmental Management

The world climate is changing and the effects of global warming are being witnessed in various part of the world. Available researches points out human activities as the major case for climate change and global warming. United States is the world leading emitter for global warming pollution and its emission mainly being from green houses… View Article

Environmental acoustics

The research from various part of the world has been able to reveal that approximately 80 million people are exposed to unacceptable high noise levels particularly, the noise emitted from road/tyre. Thus, noise sources that affect people is mostly from road traffic noise, which is by far the most pervasive. In UK for example, over… View Article

Environmental Impacts & Consumption

In an article examining resource consumption in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, Collins, et al. (2006) provide a critique of the tool known as the Ecological Footprint that has, in recent years, gained increasing currency in the assessment of anthropogenic environmental impact, as well as a brief history of its development and its implementation. By… View Article

Environmental Science

Towards the end of the second millennium, particularly the 18th and 19th centuries, rapid changes occurred across the economic fabric of the world. Various industries underwent mechanization, transportation infrastructure improved to facilitate the expansion of trade, and steam power dramatically enhanced production and mobility. Manual labor was supplanted or enhanced by machines in the manufacturing… View Article

Environmental Policy and Sustainability

According to the EPA, “environmental justice” refers to that people regardless of their caste, creed, religion, race, place of origin, socio-economic status, etc, should be given fair treatment and equality with regard to the development, execution and enforcement of environmental rules and regulations. Based on environment issues, no group or religion should be given preferences… View Article

Environmental economics

Studies by economists suggest that markets become unproductive as external effects of electricity exploration, global warming and acidic rain water becomes rampant. Previous economic research and analysis overlooked this concept. Externalities, a sort of market failure, once it exists, it deviates the costs in a market from the true marginal costs and marginal benefits allied… View Article

Global Environmental Issues

Global environmental issues, such as climatic change, global warming, pollution, species extinction and destruction of tropical rain forests hold unique place among other major international problems as it is one area that has transformative, comprehensive and long term impact on the future of entire world. For over a decade now the subject of these issues… View Article

Environmental issues

Nowadays, environmental issues are rapidly raising concerns and awareness to the society. It is good to know that problems involving environmental neglect and degradation are a problem of environmentalists no more, but also of politicians and ordinary citizens as well. Say, we should analyze a hypothetical problem regarding the issuance of business license in a… View Article

Environmental Regulations

Today’s society demands its industries to be more sensitive to the needs of the environment. With the increasing preference for raw materials and resources, the questions of sustainability and efficiency come into the picture as many producers seek to maximize the way these resources are used. Like any other resource, galvanized steel has undergone numerous… View Article

Environmental and Ethical Issues

The main issue that is reverberating these days throughout the world is of Sustainable Development. Sustainable development is “the development in way that meets the requirements of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (IAEA, 2005). It has three main dimensions: Social, Economic, and Environmental (Stevens, 2005). The… View Article

Ethics in Environmental Conservation and Research

Serious ethical challenges have confronted stakeholders in environmental conservation and research. The bulk of the challenges gravitates around the relationship between human beings and the non-human environment, and the impact of human activities on the continued existence of human beings and other elements of the non-human environment (Swart, 2008). Researchers have viewed these challenges through… View Article

Environmental scanning

“How can you govern a country which has 245 varieties of cheese? ” Charles de Gaulle. This is a term that Francis Aguilar a professor at the University of Harvard came up with in the mid 1960’s to explain the actions of collecting information and watching and monitoring competitor companies and analyzing the external markets…. View Article

Environmental Studies

The population of the world has been on an upward trend for the most part of the past many years. The rapid rise in the population in the past had been attributed to factors like improved medical care and good nutrition. However, the statistics appear to be changing as the 21st century wears on. There… View Article

Environmental Ethical Issues

The world has over the last few years been witnessing a remarkable rise in awareness in philosophical ideologies that are geared towards the environment. A number of theories such as animal rights, eco-feminism, deep ecology, bio-centric ethics and other theories have been proposed with the main aim of providing value to the environment. Environmental philosophies… View Article

Environmental Protection UK

Two lower primary boys died and their father and his girlfriend were equally hospitalized in coma after a terrible encounter with odorless, colorless and toxic fumes that leaked into their bungalow residence from a nearby hotel old and deteriorated boiler (Haines 2010). Carbon monoxide is a toxic and deadly gas that besides being odorless and… View Article

Environmental Examples

The lamentable condition of the Amazon River is featured in the You Tube video “The Amazon Dries Up”. It shows major portions of the river drying up with boats stranded, fish dying because of lack of oxygen, and people traveling far in search of clean water to drink. Going through this video brought up feelings… View Article