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Essay on Environment

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Investigatory Project

Various substances have been used as shoe polish for hundreds of years, starting with natural substances such as wax and tallow. Modern polish formulae were introduced early in the 20th century and some products from that era are still in use today. Today, shoe polish is usually made from a mix of natural and synthetic materials, including naphtha, turpentine, dyes, and gum arabic, using straightf...

Influence contrasting economic environments

GDP will affect Cancer Research because they may see an increase in customers if the GDP was low because typically there are high rates of unemployment at times like that and people still need clothes to wear and rather than pay high street prices people with go to the charity shops and buy cheaper second hand clothes. However if the GDP increased then Cancer Research may see a decline the their ...

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Sustainability: My Ecological Footprint

For example, people cut down trees to build houses or for making furniture – trees inborn value in this situation is ignored, therefore, devastating overall outcomes emerge. Deforestation contributes to global warming, less trees means less absorption of carbon dioxide, leading to more greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. To make environmental decisions to satisfy both anthropocentrism a...

Review of Language in Okefenokee Swamp

The author uses different devices throughout the passages to create and convey a certain tone for each swamp. In the first passage the swamp is seen as something that holds beauty and is inviting unlike in the second passage where the swamp seems more malicious and repelling. The author uses various levels of diction, detail and figurative language to convey the tone and attitude they had toward e...

The PESTEL Framework

The PESTEL framework examines the six main macro environmental influencing factors of companies: political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. These influences determine the future success or failure of the corporate strategies. The political influence include the role of the governments; economics embraces the macro economic factors such as growth rate, exchange rates and b...

Air Pollution

Acid rain can also ruin buildings because the acid eats into metal and stone. It also damages stained glass and plastics. Some types of building materials are softer than others, and it is the softer ones which are most affected by acid rain. Sandstone and limestone are examples of stone which are fairly soft and are damaged easily. Granite is an example of a harder stone that can resist the effec...

Water Quality and Contamination

“Consumers are the last stage in Drinking Water Supply Systems (DWSS) and they are characterized by their vulnerability to hazards due to the proximity of consumption point” (Pérez-Vidal, A., Amézquita-Marroquín, C., & Torres-Lozada, P. 2013).Water is very important to our earth. If we don't get rid of chemicals and other items the correct way it could destroy our earth. Water contamina...

Responsibility of Government

Though, businesses should be socially responsible, but the governments do play a broader and important role in protecting our environment because it is their duty to assure justice to everyone, be it an organization or our environment and they should not wait till severe problems are faced after all is done. It is conclusive that government practices hold a major part in protecting our environment...

Outline of the Final Lab Report

Research, 44(6), 1114-1128. doi:10.2166/nh.2013.076 Mishra, S., & Nandeshwar, S. (2013). A study to assess water source sanitation, water quality and water related practices at household level in rural Madhya Pradesh. National Journal Of Community Medicine, 4(4), 599-602. Potera, C. (2002). The Price of Bottled Water. Environmental Health Perspectives, 110(2), A 76. SCI207.W2.LabReportingForm...

Something Rotten in Hondo

The Ardnak Plastics Inc. facility in Hondo, Texas violates several environmental laws by allowing the release of pollutants into the air. The release also violates the ethical rights of the stakeholders of the case (Principles & Theories, n.d.). George has the authority to make the decision and address the problem as outlined by the toxic tort guidelines (eGuide, n.d.). The right decision woul...

Guava Leaves and Carrot Extract as an Anti-Acne Soap

Lozoya is telling us that up until recently, the same three “tracks” of studies have been repeated again and again. So, scientific studies have proven beyond doubt that guava leaf has powerful anti-microbial properties, anti-diarrhea properties and it also has a calming (or sedative) effect on the nervous system. In a review of the scientific literature until 2008, guava leaf extract has also ...

The Effects of Plastic Surgery

There are many risks that come with plastic surgery that any person planning to get these procedures should know about. Plastic surgery may be a positive outcome to many lives because it can make people feel better about themselves and make them look any way that they want, but after plastic surgery the first time can cause addiction and these procedures are done repeatedly and the effects of thes...

Plastic Cups vs Styro Cups vs. Paper Cups

Here is my conclusion of what to use. Obviously at home, you should always use glass, steel, or ceramic cups and mugs. Glass is probably the best choice. For the office, bringing in your own steel or ceramics mug is the best choice. As far as general use disposal cups, using plastic cups is the best choice because it is the most environmentally friendly compared to styrofoam and paper. It is the c...

Portfolio Assignment

b. If it boils down choosing between driving a luxury SUV and worrying about polar bears I’ll take the car any day. c. While this is sad, polar bears aren’t really very important to my personal welfare which is my primary concern. d. While this is sad, polar bears aren’t really very important to general human social welfare. e. I don’t think polar bears are all that important to human wel...

Working in Business Environment


Relationship Between Drop Height and Diameter of Plasticine Sphere

The height at which the sphere plasticine is dropped and the diameter are directly proportional therefore as the height increases so should the diameter. If the sphere dropped at 60m has a larger diameter than the sphere dropped at 40m or 20m then the hypothesis is accepted. If the sphere dropped at 20m has a larger diameter than the sphere dropped at 40m or 60m then the hypothesis is rejected. SO...

Human Behavior

Another method would be to use energy efficient appliances. An individual can start off by replacing all the light bulbs in the house with energy efficient ones. Also replacing appliances to conserve the environment over a period of time. There are many things that individuals can do on a daily basis to positively impact the environment. It may be easier to start out in small steps maybe within th...

Environmental Science Chapter 18 Review

1. Describe three alternative energy technologies, and identify two ways that hydrogen could be used as fuel source in the future. Three examples of alternative energy technologies are tidal power, ocean thermal energy conversion, and solar chimneys. Tidal power is when the tide rises, water flows behind a dam and when the tide falls, the water is trapped behind the damn. When water in the reservo...

Manage Own Performance in Business Environment

2.3 Explain the purpose and benefits of taking of taking on new challenges if they arise. The purpose of taking on new challenges w they arise is vital to success. By not challenging yourself, the same pattern of mediocrity or self defeating attitude persists. You cannot grow without moving onto bigger, better, and more challenging tasks. The benefits therefore are then self growth opportunities ...

Heroes Robert Cormier Atmosphere and Mood

Larry ‘withdraws a pistol’ knowing that Francis won’t be able to fulfil his ‘mission’. The pistol was a ‘relic from the war’; it seems as if everything bad that happened in Francis’ life lies right there in that tenement. ‘Leave me here, leaver everything here… leave it all behind with me’ We can see how quickly the mood changes, from Francis’ violent words to Larry’s wor...

Law Against Air Pollution The Clean Air Act

"The employment question is real," says the NRDC's Henderson. "The question is whether we want to preserve ancient plants that are making people sick—and costing us money for hospital stays—or we want to get to work on training workers for the jobs of the future in cleaner energy production and renewables." That suggests an alternative to the traditional view of environmental enforcement as a ...

Food Web Case Study

•I use myself for my last example. I am a human being, located within my own food web. I eat food that come animals. I need the oxygen that omits from trees and plants to survive. I go to work every day to provide for my family so that I can feed them. When I am applying for a job I am in competition with others that are looking to take care of their families, therefore we are in competition wit...

Role Of Education in Sustainable Development

In a world where the challenge of sustainable development is an imperative, rather than an option, we can not afford to debar people from participating by making them feel failures, whether academic failures as a result of the rigid application of elitist standards, or social or personal failures as a result of inadequate evolutions of both their needs and their potential. Therefore, I envisage th...


Associates, R. Q. (2008, September 16). Ideology in Cloudstreet . Retrieved 2013, from www.englishcurriculum.com.au Cloudstreet Notes. (n.d.). Retrieved 2013, from Sydney Home Tutoring: http://www.sydneyhometutoring.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Details-Cloudstreet-notes.pdf. Dot Point Notes Cloudstreet. (n.d.). Retrieved 2013, from Sydney Home Tutoring : http://www.sydneyhometutoring.com.au/w...

The Political Investment Environment of India

Besides, it is said on ABOUTINDIA that political turmoil happens when a minority government is formed. This may affect export-oriented companies and investors who invest in these kinds of companies, since new parties draw up and implement different policies that directly impact business environment. Moreover, like other developing country, corruption in India is severe. It is stated on Euromonitor...

Threats to biodiversity hotspots

The destruction of mangroves means the benefits of them cannot be used for example they cannot effectively act as a buffer, which would normally lessen the danger of hazards such as hurricanes and cyclones. It is questionable whether the typhoon in 2001’s devastating effects could have been lessened if mangroves were better intact. A knock on effect of this is the coastline will erode quicker du...

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can make a mind and body stress, there are some techniques that can prevent like breathing exercises , deep breathing and other breathing exercises will work because it can be done anywhere and are effective for calming the body's physiology in minutes. Meditation, is also a stress reliever because it calms the mind and body and it helps the alter of brain, over time, you are less ...

Public Policy

During the presidential campaign of the last election, an issue arose concerning the "energy crisis" that was driving gasoline and oil prices up throughout our country. Vice President Al Gore supported President Clinton's ideology of waiting for the proper legislative initiatives to pass through Congress, and when the situation merited, provide some limited releases of oil from the national oil re...

New Historicism: The Wasteland

Eliot’s The Waste Land offers the reader a close depiction of the social turmoil that the European continent was in following the horrific World War I. Moreover, this poem, in many senses, is a reflection of personal emotions, and as a spiritual quest pertaining to Christian tenets. Any individual would conclude that after experiencing or witnessing horrific war events, a person of any caliber w...

Marine Pollution

Eutrophication - Excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen Plankton - The small and microscopic organisms drifting or floating in the sea or fresh water, consisting chiefly of diatoms, protozoans, small crustaceans, and the eggs and larval stages of...

Waste Management Case Analysis

McPherson, Susan. "An Innovative Way To Recycle Electronics." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 16 Sept. 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. Savitz, Eric. "Government Subsidies: Silent Killer Of Renewable Energy." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 14 Feb. 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. Lierandi-Cruz, Ricardo. "Time for a National Recycling Mandate." TheHill. N.p., 02 Nov. 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. Hommes, Vrenni. "Cash for Trash: In...

Heredity Versus Environment

Hans Eysenck was a German psychologist who is also credited for his work in relation to intelligence and race (Cherry, 2014). He wrote a book called: The IQ argument: race, intelligence and education, based on these studies and summarised the results. This book claims that ’80% of variability is inborn’ (Benson, 2005). Hans was also criticised as his views also focused on the differences betwe...

Advantages and disadvantages to have a car

In conclusion, cars are good invention but they are not toys and you have to be responsible when you drive and of course you must have money!!!. Advantages and disadvantages to have a car Cars are today something useful for society. However there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages when owning a car. In my opinion and one of the advantages is that you can move around freely because you can ...

Social and Economic Implications of Diseases in Plants and Animals

The economic implications have to do with agriculture. Look what happens when there is an outbreak of mad cow or hoof and mouth disease. Thousands of farmers will lose their herds and are financially devastated. This also affects the consumer because the decrease in supply will drive up the costs. But, it could also have the opposite effect. If consumers no longer feel safe, then they will stop...

"College Is a Waste of Time and Money" by Caroline Bird

Despite its expensive cost, people should not make any excuses because there are so many ways and opportunities to reduce the tuition fees. The money students invest in going to college will come back in multiples when they land a higher paying job. College graduates with a degree will always have a secure future financially. Aside from the financial benefits of going to college, the education stu...

Onion Investigatory Project Proposal

If this botanical fungicides will being known all over the country, all farmers and gardeners were be attract to used it, the environment will be contaminated of some poisonous fungicides and the agricultural production of our country will increased, so that we can secured the demands/needs of the community in the following years while preventing/ controlling the increase of pollutants here on ear...

Paradoxical Thinking: Maintaining Stability in Changing Environments

“Cause and effect” thinking hinders mastery as it’s linear approach is not complex enough to delve into the dynamics of today’s organizational environments. Using paradoxical thinking one can taking two seemingly inconsistent or contradictory concepts then harnessing the opposing forces to possibly exceed organizational goals. Placing paradoxical thinking into the Competing Values Framewo...


This particular and specific research study can easily contribute to the youth generation, for them to be capable of deriving ropes from different kinds of plants and materials. It is again for the Youth to develop their resourcefulness by using alternative plants as different functions in life. Research studies like this also develops the value of open-mindedness to young researchers and if lande...

Explain Strategies Used in Health and Social Care Environments to Overcome Barriers to Effective Communication

Sensory deprivation – When working in the health and social care sector, it is likely that you’ll come across service users who have a visual or hearing impairment, to overcome this barrier you must make sure you know alternative methods of communication for example; Sign language, otherwise it would be near impossible to communicate to the service user if he/she is deaf and you can’t sign. ...

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