Environment in Family and School

The past eighteen years of my life have molded me into a humble, caring, and determined individual. I credit who I am today to my loving family, my education, and a positive environment. Although I still have much to learn and experience, I am eager to face the challenges ahead. The first of my influences is my family. I come from a diverse, multicultural family. My mother is of Mexican heritage and has a large loving family tree. Her family is very close and shares daily in each other’s lives.

My father is of mixed Filipino and Caucasian heritage and grew up in various locations around the world due to my Grandfather being in the U.S. military. My parents were strict but fair. They taught me right from wrong. They also taught me how to deal with difficult situations and not settle for being average. They have very high expectations for me and provided me many opportunities to improve myself with educational tutoring and support.

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Not only did I learn an appreciation for other cultures, but I was exposed to compassion, caring, and love.

My family has provided me with the basics of my ethics and moral outlook on life and the world. The sports activities I participate in have also had a tremendous influence on my life. I participated all four years of high school in football and on the track team. I give a lot of credit to my coaches as they helped me become a better student athlete.

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Many of the speeches from my coaches have taught me invaluable lessons. Teamwork, sacrifice, perseverance, and accountability were all instilled into me and emphasized daily. Practices were rough and started very early in the morning. Often times I would be up at 5:00 am and on the practice field while many of my friends were still sleeping. The motto of my high school team is “always earned, never given” and we have been known to be a competitive sports school. This competitive environment always pushed me to give maximum effort and translated into extra preparation and meetings for games. I spent many hours with my teammates working on technique and supporting each other. My time bonding with my teammates will always have a special meaning for me. In addition to performing on the football field and on the track, I was required to reach a specific grade point average to maintain my status on the team. If you didn’t keep your grades up, you were ineligible.

My coaches have always set high expectations and I believe these standards have guided me towards the right path. Although these were not easy tasks to accomplish, I am proud of my commitment and dedication. My community and friends taught me of humility, oneness and of how to live with life as it comes. My friends did not come from rich families, but instead showed me their rich hearts and caring nature. We participated in most social and volunteer activities together, grew up in each other’s homes and learned the skills of life together. One volunteer activity that will stay with me forever is my participation in medical mission trips to Acuna, Mexico. As part of this group, we provided basic medical care for families in one of the poorest areas of Mexico. I learned not only to appreciate my own circumstances but an understanding that many people around the world have a life much more difficult than me. I’ve learned that outreach and service to others is important not only for myself but for the betterment of others. I am the product of my environment. I have been truly blessed with love, friendship, and community. I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead and how my life will continue to grow. I look forward to the many challenges and obstacles that life will present me. I know I am ready.

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