Environment and Public Works Essay

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Environment and Public Works

Redwood forests are filled with an assorted collection of animal and plant species. These forests are deemed as complex ecosystems wherein “the tallest trees in the world to the tiniest fungi are working systematically in a very delicate balance. ” More so, the redwoods have been discovered to affect the “climate of the river canyons by transpiring moisture which keeps the humidity high” (Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association). Through this, it can be surmised that trees play a vital role in sustaining life in the biosphere.

Because of this, it is mandatory that humans do everything in their power to protect and conserve the redwood forests. However, due to changing times, the biodiversity in the Redwood forests are being threatened particularly by illegal logging. Historically, illegal logging started over centuries ago as early as the Spanish colonization and still a continuous practice in the 21st century. Since then, almost 95% of the redwood forests had been destroyed (Berry).

Moreover, illegal logging is caused by overpopulation and increase in demand for natural resources. Because of these demands, virgin forests are turn into urban housing to accommodate the growing population and timbers are being utilized for profit. As a result, the various California species are being endangered to the brink of extinction. If this will not be taken care of immediately, the ecosystem of the Redwood forests will soon be destroyed which can adversely affect the natural cycle of existence.

To prevent this from happening, several actions must be facilitated such as information campaign, boycott and conservation efforts. The public needs to be aware of the current situation of the Redwood forests in order to educate and at the same time invoke their interest in saving the Redwood. More so, through the boycott of the products of companies that abuses the Redwood forests, people can help in decreasing the need for natural resources produced by trees and animals living in the Redwood forests (Gapsucks. org).

Furthermore, practicing environment-friendly activities such as recycling paper and patronizing consumer goods that are safe for Mother Earth can alleviate the current negative effects of illegal logging which can cause floods, wildfire, extinction of plant and animal species and climate change. As a public political figure, I hope that you can help in disseminating information about how to lessen human impact on the Redwood Forests. Also, I hope that you can generate legislations that will protect and sustain the biodiversity of the Redwood Forests.

Respectfully yours, Your name Works Cited Berry, Wendell. “Learn from the Past. ” 2009. Bioweb. uwlax. edu. 13 May 2009 <http://bioweb. uwlax. edu/bio203/s2009/hemmeric_nata/index. htm> “Redwood Forest Ecology. ” 8 October 1996. Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association. 13 May 2009 <http://tracker777. tripod. com/ecology. html> “Save the Redwoods, Boycott the Gap. ” 18 January 2009. Gapsucks. org. 13 May 2009 <http://www. gapsucks. org/>

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