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Entrepreneurship as a lot of meaning but for me it divided into two separate fundamental, the first part debate high involve on dichotomy which in a whole set that dividend in two that identify in a entrepreneur joint exhaustive that it only belong in one business to other business but in the other has mutually exhaustive nothing will belong to simulate for both business. The second fundamental an entrepreneurship is a quality or property firm that defined it self.

Based on my researching of the theory was given the example for further explain and understand my perception on entrepreneurship like for example the an Entrepreneurial firms are thought of as small (Aldrich & Austen, 1986), organic and network-based rather than mechanistic or bureaucratic (Birley, 1986), fast-growing (Drucker, 1985), it also given by thought that help to keep more flexible and adaptable (Birch, 1987) and innovation (Backman, 1983). This perception gives me a huge way of interesting that how effective the Growth paradox that occurs when the business become successful that it ceases very attributes leading on success.

Entrepreneurship is not for a business, or a product you don’t need to have a product to sell this is what the entrepreneur motivation which based on my personal experience in Philippines not only putting capital or invest a money its also making my own creative idea or business plan and proposed it to the company even its not a big company as what I experienced in my university the feasibility of my business plan that create an idea and information for the achieving a goal and it a huge impact for realizing what it want or how will achieve it. A recurrent concern for a goal state or condition as measured in fantasy which drives, direct and select the behaviour of the individual” ( McClelland, 1985) .

That been argue and believing for number of years which is true an entrepreneurship can be involve by the characteristic of human behaviour of a entrepreneur or employee on its firm or organization its also not to identify by its self but to the characteristic play by its own. Esp. to the people who has an opportunity to take advantage for the creative or ideology flexible in the global market they add they own benefits it terms of value and way other creative.

There has some purpose to be creative that we can identify in which is market gap making things simulate in other people in fact this is very effective to experimental for a new production or services. The reality on based to all perception above most of them they all want to make a profit or reviving the future but in fact, this is only personal or corporate even company strategies and flexible esp. in the environment or nature.

But for the large corporate environment might to analysis each employee and manager behaviour but the entrepreneurial behaviour by its individual personality stemming by upbringing. McClelland, 1985) but to (Stewart 1989) he carefully documented about the fire in the belly of the employees who always running hot within the firm. On this perceptive the large corporate environment are bureaucratic (and not entrepreneurial) on its firms. The locating of entrepreneurship to the employee help to resolving the growth of paradox for its first model that the entrepreneur maintains its advantage for it’s grow by installing culture that might forced for its behaviour among of employee and manager. Inherently nothing entrepreneurial at firms enhanced on develops the sprit of entrepreneurial members.

By today most of the entrepreneur are studying the individual behaviour but the argument for me and to the McClelland theory most of the entrepreneur not looking for individual behaviour or ethic but for me even its in large environment the adaptation and flexible are very important in global market place coz the human theory has change by time to time coz individuality of every person change there self esteem in there real life but on the other part of human theory the achieving affiliation are very important to be a path goal achievement.

By the competitive world not only for a behaviour but to innovation to be creative or has an ability to reliable to thing different are very important for now a days all of theory are only the perception what they believe. The other consideration as an entrepreneur or in entrepreneurial firms political or government are very varying in the global. As not only to create a product not only to be creative of innovation, not only to understand human theory also looking thru the political factor and economics that’s need to consider in business.

How the entrepreneurship will be successful if the organization which mergence of information internal or external networking as a asset that offer information and connection by beneficially flexible in gradual allocation and sharing resource’s. Networking as the instrumental of the entrepreneur to update information for the connection by its same or other field. Now a days everything’s will be on internet entrepreneur create blog, website, social networking like twitters, LinkedIn and facebook.

Not only for a social networking but the benefits of reach customer not only to create a new product but to satisfaction of the creative and reach there basic knowledge. Conclusion: Based on my entrepreneur research most of the theory or perception the most important is how individual behaviour inside of firm, business and other organization to pursue or identify a measure of global competitive advantage in global market that help to minimized or handling a risk or future risk a individual human theory.

But now a day and even in future there important in a global market as a entrepreneur that needs to be a good feasibility analysis not only inside of the own country most of the entrepreneur they are a poor adaptation across the religion not only for the own banding also in a work ethic as well which is to be owner of the business need to analysis the culture and political analysis before enter other country.

Now days the one of the most important is networking connection to other researching what the customer needs and wants to create a new innovation ideas for the market gap or solving everyone problem. Now as the technology keep changing networking will be more leverage or expanding not only for Networking out graphical design of web and more effective.

Based on the previous theory are handing there thoughts by manual but they well connection to other even in customer that how they develop the individual behaviour which they care about the relationship but now technology are existing to built the foundation to connect to other but in the other hand it might a very unsecured but to be minimizing the information by the global competitive market place. For the next five years how the theory of the entrepreneurship keep change but my perception on what investigate for other it shown what I been mention above.

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