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Entrepreneurship Essay Examples

Essay on Entrepreneurship

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Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary

Then, he intended to change into a logistics business after he obtained 4 permits for class-A lorries. Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar opened a transportation company named Syarikat Pengangkutan Sentosa in 1972. He started his logistics business by borrowing RM110,000 from MARA to buy two Mercedes 911LS lorries. As the time flies, the Syarikat Pengangkutan Sentosa had grown rapidly by increasing the number o...

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management: Family Enterprise

The fact that the company has managed to successfully employ skillful individuals especially in the top managerial positions is a clear indication of its future progression. However, family members ought to distance friendship from business activities in order to avoid mistakes such as those done by Coughlin from occurring again. The company also ought to deal with some of the challenges it faces ...

SG Cowen: New Recruit

-Because he wouldn’t be a good cultural fit in the company. He had been his own boss for a long time and bankers aren’t sure if he would be a good subordinate. Moreover, he is already married and has kids, which would make him less likely to work many hours like most investment bankers will have to. His unwillingness to work could disrupt other bankers who would be working 24/7, making him a b...

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Trait Approach to Entrepreneurship

This paper investigated the personality approach explaining entrepreneurship. Concluding this essay, McClelland’s traits of need for achievement, proactive and being committed to others while Meredith’s traits have defined what personalities an individual should possess to be able to be an entrepreneur. Having a locus of control would also benefit the individual as a form of self-confidence. H...

State of entrepreneurship in South Africa

entrepreneurs http://www.howwemadeitinafrica.com/south-africa-a-land-of-extremes-for-entrepreneurs/31005/ Graduate school of business University of Cape Town, Research newsletter. SA must take entrepreneurship seriously or else... 31 May, 2013 http://www.gsb.uct.ac.za/Newsrunner/Story.asp?intContentID=707 Kumar, Chinmoy, 1 November 2012. Entrepreneurship promotes economic development in South Afri...

Basic Concepts of Business Development

14. Use research to develop a list of companies where you believe you would like to work. What qualities do these companies have in common? Does a great work environment lead to success, or does success create a great place to work? When employees enjoy the work environment is a company more likely to succeed? Why or why not? United Airlines and Ford Motor Co. I worked for both companies I’m wit...

Explain the Relationship Between, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development

http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/small/Di-Eq/Entrepreneurship.html#b. Last accessed 18/11/2012. Gina Colarello O’Connor (2000). Radical Innovation: How Mature Companies Can Outsmart Upstarts. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business School Press. p5. Herman E. Daly (1997). Beyond growth: Economics of Sustainable Development. N/A: Beacon Press; New edition. p13. Jeffry Timmons (1989). The Entrepreneuria...

Entrepreneurs are born and made

Though at the dawn of entrepreneurial researches, many believed that entrepreneurs were born, things have changed now. A lot has been understood about the nature of this idea. The processes involved in the business startups have been observed and analyzed to help people better equipped in embarking an entrepreneurial attempt. An increasing number of higher learning institutions, namely tertiary co...

Bulacan Sweets Business

To preserve the continuity of the business, Veneracion has asked her daughter -- Loli, a graduate of hotel and restaurant management -- to help her in the business. She adds that she wants the business to be a family tradition. Both mother and daughter help each other to assess the market situation and decide on the need to open new outlets. The Bulacan Sweets owner, meantime, has for her most fer...

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

Billett, M.T. & Qian, Y., 2008. Are Overconfident CEOs Born or Made? Evidence of Self-Attribution Bias from Frequent Acquirers. Management Science, 54(6), pp.1037-1051. Burns, P., 2008. Corporate Entrepreneurship 2nd Edition. Hampshire. Palgrave Macmillan Delgado-García, J.B., Rodríguez-Escudero, A.I. & Martín-Cruz, N., 2012. Influence of Affective Traits on Entrepreneur’s Goals and S...

Women Entrepreneur

Investing money, maintaining the operations and ploughing back money for surplus generation requires high risk taking attitude, courage and confidence. Though the risk tolerance ability of the women folk in day-to-day life is high compared to male members, while in business it is found opposite to that. 11. Lack of Achievement motivation- Achievement motivation of the women folk found less compare...

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Even though, it took incremental change to do so and to get to that point. Another example is e-commerce, many years ago we had to go to the store to do our shopping, but now, just a click of the mouse and you can shop online. From shoes, clothing, furniture, cars, household supplies to even groceries. How about if you want to write a letter, then just send an email they will receive it in second...

Richard Branson

Business the Richard Branson Way: 10 Secrets of the World’s Greatest Brand. 3rd ed. Des Dearlove. Capstone publishing Ltd. Chichester. UK. 2007. How Richard Branson Works Magic. Glenn Rifkin. Strategy and Business. 1998 Screw It, Let's Do It: 14 Lessons on Making It to the Top While Having Fun and Staying Green Ricard Branson 2008 Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School Ri...

Three Pillars of Business

It is imperative that when I look to my entrepreneurial spirit to develop programs to assist these folks that I make sure to keep in mind their culture and not place on them my value. It is my hope to develop programming that will allow us to take into consideration the cultural of all those we serve instead of how it is now with the one size fits all approach that currently exists. An example bei...

Interview with an Entrepreneur

People are always changing, in every single minute you can observe that you changed. I am nottalking about your appearance but about your thoughts and feelings. When you can count only onyourself , firstly your trust in decreasing  you cannot believe what people say because you neverknow who is your real enemy. From the other hand you start to respect of people work becausesometimes your succes...

Entrepreneur Profile Assignment

The move forms part of its overall mission to help drive tech education. The start-up is now bidding for the mayor of London Boris Johnson’s £1m prize pot for London start-ups which could help fund the foundation's development. Meanwhile Decoded is also poised to launch a new wave of coding classes including a Future Platforms course designed to teach people how to code for any future device in...

Monitoring and tracking of income

The researchers just focused on the monitoring and tracking of income per Piso Net machine so the system will be on the calculation of the monthly and yearly total income. The system will also display the expenses regarding extra services like printing and overnight rents. All rental transactions such as PC per PC rental rates are not included only the total income regarding that month and year is...

Andok’s Lechon Manok Business Success

Although a roasted chicken business meets a number of rivals in the market, Andok’s has made its stand to be one of the most successful brand of litson manok in the country. Despite having a lot of competitors, they try to innovate their products, add different products, and at the same time expand their company. They were able to overcome the struggles that they faced and be successful in their...

On A Successful Entrepreneur

The business also sells alcoholic beverages such as: Red Stripe Beer, Guinness, Heineken, Red Stripe Light, over proof Rum, Appleton and an array of other alcoholic beverages. School books, pencils, pens. They recently start selling bulk syrup, which is now doing well on the market. The business also sells butchered meat such as: beef, mutton, pork, cow skin, cow foot, chicken, chicken foot, diffe...

NanoGene Technologies

Another top priority of NanoGene is proving the technology. This can’t be done if there is no funding for the VCs. In the future, NanoGene should conduct more market research on diagnostic tests. Currently, NanoGene has a simple value proposition with a very general customer segment. NanoGene needs to identify specific customer segments of high growth and low competition. Research in other value...

Virgin: The Global Entrepreneur

Virgin HQ is at the core of the business and is a driving factor for the business as a whole. They have shown that they can easily manage a diverse portfolio and transfer their brand and corporate vision across multiple businesses in several different sectors. However, it is evident from the case that Virgin HQ may be inadvertently destroying value by obscuring financial performance. It is always ...

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship: Economic Rocket Fuel

What Were They Thinking? By Elizabeth Drew, August 18, 2011, The New York Review of Books website, http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2011/aug/18/what-were-they-thinking/?page=3, accessed September 5, 2011; Warren Buffett pushes higher tax rates, but some doubt those would be right or beneficial by Laura Green, August 21, 2011, The Palm Beach Post website, http://www.palmbeachpost.com/money/...

Women entrepreneurship in bangladesh

uring which women were brought under various credit programs mainly for developing micro entrepreneurship among the poor and disadvantaged women. The gender policies and objectives adopted in the Fifth Five Year Plan (1997-2002) as many as 24 goals and objectives are set for development of women and children in the country. The Government of Bangladesh has set distinct strategies in its National A...

From Rags-to-Riches in Entrepreneurship

Also, the principles of self-determination and confidence should also be practiced. I must first believe in myself, because if I, myself do not, how can others put their trust on my capability? I also believe that I should stop settling myself to what I have today; I must continue to strive hard not only for myself, but for my family and other people as well. And someday, thinking positively and w...

Entrepreneurship Reflection Essay

From the talk we can see that everything that has been discussed is important. First is they let us know that the qualities to be the best business man is we must have our role model which is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) so that we will not go astray from what we should do and from we should be. They also taught us about the personality types exist so that we well prepared for anythi...

John Collier's Short Story The Chaser

Someone needs to go up to John Collier and pat him on the back for a job well done in this story. "The Chaser" is a big slap in the face to corporate America and how they treated the young novices. Any successful businessman of the sixties will probably turn sick to their stomach after reading this story due to the fact that he must likely took advantage of them too. Collier used excellent satire...

The connection between entrepreneurship and small business

Mr Bollard said there were a lot of good things about big business. "But for every good thing I could say about big business I could say something pretty negative too about the way they make decisions and treat customers. In my view, good, well-informed small business is about as good as business gets." The trouble in New Zealand was that many were so small -- more than 90% of small businesses hav...

Evolution of Entrepreneurship

If the company isn't moving forward then they will eventually fall off. Keeping up with the competition will only get you as far as them, using radical innovation is the real key winner. Structuring for an intrapreneurial climate means maintaining a peaceful environment for the employees. The environment not only deals with noise related problems but attitudes amongst employees and individualism. ...

Marketing theory and concepts

Hill, J. and Wright, L. T. (2001) "A Qualitative Research Agenda for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises." Marketing Intelligence and Planning,http://www.druid.dk/uploads/tx_picturedb/ds1998-9.pdfhttps://www.mises.org/journals/scholar/wood.pdfhttp://knight.fcu.edu.tw/~gunning/subjecti/workpape/kirz_ent.pdfBooksHandbook of Entrepreneurship Research and Interdisciplinary Survey and Introduction By: Zo...

Businessman Michael Bloomberg

Pertaining domestic affairs and security of the USA, he has been a perennial protester of immigration and thus being on perpetual criticism of the social conservatives who agitates for deportation of non -American citizens. To protect the resident of the city from security threats, he established the counterterrorism bureau which works hand in hand with the New York police department intelligence ...

Increased Migration to the UK

In political factors, migrants contributed to the exchequer by pay tax. In economic factors, migrant workers increased the size of the total labor market and they took the jobs that local British people do not want to do, such as jobs in agriculture, hospitality and food packing. As the result, the GDP of UK increased 0.5% by migrant workers, which was equivalent to £6 billion in 2006. In additio...

Alma Electronics

4. Before starting a business, a feasibility study will enable you estimate the financial, human and technological resources that will be needed to ensure the successful launching of the business. Feasibility study helps to reveal the number and level of skill or unskilled workers to be employed and their salary scale. 5. Feasibility study will help you to determine the amount of capital required ...

Entrepreneurs born or made?

Mitchell, L (2014) ‘Nature or nurture: Are entrepreneurs born or made?’ Available at: http://www.businesszone.co.uk/topic/business-trends/nature-or-nurture-are-entrepreneurs-born-or-made/55263 (Accessed 23rd November 2014) Entrepreneur (2014),” Richard Branson on Common Misconceptions About Becoming an Entrepreneur” Available at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237036 (Accessed 14th De...

Strategic Control

Knowing the language and being able to communicate with locals will take a big amount of stress off one's shoulders. However completely avoiding cultural shock is almost impossible. Managers should take this fact into consideration and understand that this is a normal phase to slowly adjust and assimilate to a new living and working environment. For these types of work opportunities, Managers can ...

Interview with Entrepreneur

19. If I were to want to open up a small business tomorrow, what would be the top priority on my to-do list? He suggests to write a business plan and take it to the business administration building so they can review it and approve your idea. It takes a lot of research to find all that you need but it’s the foundation of the whole project. He also says that looking back at his first business pla...

Speech about entrepreneurship and franchising

A good example of a successful franchising chain is Cold Stone Creamery. It is one of the fastest growing franchisers in the country. In a little over ten years, they have gone from a single store in Arizona, to a franchise with more than 1200 stores nationwide. If you ask how they managed to become so successful, you already know the answer. They had a good idea, and through their golden three, s...

In Business Today the Entrepreneurial Organizations Continue to Grow

Risk taking from a large or small organization requires some sort of investment on the part of the company, either in personal resources or financial resources. The level of risk that the organization is willing to support shows the employees that the organization is willing and able to make changes if the risks are worth the reward. But risks must be taken in these types of organizations to creat...

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