Entrance Hall Description Essay

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Entrance Hall Description

Home sweet home is always the deep inside the heart of every living individual. Hallways need to be welcoming and warm. First impresion count because is the idea of kind of people live there. Having a look at the front door I notice a beautiful Georgian style with a combination of the Palladian architecture and French Rococo that have a really nice stained glass on the top arch of the door . This Idea of the stained glass on the front door offer the feeling of a larger and bright place on the hallway.

The juncture of the wood floor and the light peach colour of the wall is finished with a tiled skirting where the floor is tiled. The juncture between the wall and ceiling is completed with a plain coving. On the midlle of the hight ceilings I can notice a beautiful ceiling rosses with a spotlight. On the right side of the entrance a mirror is placed over the radiator cover. The layout and the style of the stairs create a generous exciting space that define the atmosfere in the whole house.

One of the features is the interesting detail of the two different sindleson each step with a cut string style of stairs . One round and a spiral spindle that look wonderful on a deep tread. Also have the brass structuring in top of the carpet that goes to the second floor with a very nice big opening . The small place on the hallway of this apartment is a great place to start with the design. Apartment entrance can sometimes be tricky spaces to decorate because ther is a limited amount of space.

However with a few simple textures even this small place can create a big impresion. I will chose a great runner with a border of about 115 cm all way around. Runners are a great decorative element because not only do they serve a functional purpose begining the crime off the street and snow off the shoes . Esthetically they are a great way to begin a playfull pattern. Also on this country and not just here is recommendate a great lighting! Lighting correctly the entrance hall is essential. Me I have a great advantage with the stained glass on top of the door .

A good lighting is very important to give a bright impresion when entering in the house. For this reason I change the pendant spotlight with a chandelier. The botom of the chandelier is approximately 230 cm . On his way even the tallest of the guests wan`t fell as tough the lighting fixtures on top of them. The beautiful mirror I still keep it there . In addition I hang some pictures on the corridor. And voila I instantly created a visibly pleasing vignette to great our guests when they first walk in the entrance hall.

Finally a great console on the hallway it is tactic not only for placing the keys and mail but also for creating intresting details with accessories. Oversized pictures with friends, candels and of cours flowers make a great table top accessories. And a bit more visual interes by layer in the items in groupings when I have three to four items working together . The finished result presents a detail in fact rather then a static single element that appears to have had little to no thought on organisation .

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