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Ensuring People Support for Education and Training Programs Essay

Essay Topic:

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A collaborative effort is a key to success in the field of continuing education.  That is to maintain partnership with the learners, the supervisors and, the managers.  To ensure support from each participant it is important that there is connectivity before, during, and after the training program.  After all, learning is effective when it is applied as well as teaching is assimilated when it is explained.

In Cafarella’s book, the five primary purpose of education was explicitly stated that is; “to encourage growth, to assist with practical problems, to prepare people for current and future opportunities, to assist with change for desired results, and to examine community or social issues (Schultz, 2002).

            Educators are tasked to elaborate from the beginning the reason of the training program and if it is presented to learners as useful and not mandatory support from the learner is ensured even from the start of the program.  Key people or the supervisors can be invited in the planning process so that they can tell the planner or the educator actual experiences on how the knowledge will be applied.

  Also it is best to include the supervisors in giving decisions on when is the training program be scheduled so that critical schedule in their operations will not be hampered.

            During trainings learners should get involved in the discussion by inviting them to give examples and with those actual situations mentioned by the participants, trainers should help the learner to reflect on the subject and how it could be applied.  Supervisors at the same time can be asked to mentor or assist in the on-going program.

            Training program does not end at the venue but probing whether the learning process is blocked after instruction was given ensures effectiveness of the course.  Learners should be encouraged to help one another and evaluate the learning process.  Supervisors should be asked on the feedback if the course has been effective by checking if what is learned was applied in each participants actual work situation.  To ensure continuous support and partnership, endings should be addressed whether it is positive or negative (Caffarella, 2002).

            Managers are tasked to implement goals and objectives; they are the one who manage change.  To ensure their support from beginning to end, they should be asked to provide consultations before and after.  They should be convinced that the program is helping their organization to grow.


Schultz, J. D. (2002). Book Review: Planning Programs for Adult Learners, 2nd Edition by Rosemary A. Caffarella [Electronic Version]. Retrieved 12 February 2008 from .

Caffarella, R.A. (2002).  Planning Programs for Adult Learners (Chapter 5), 2nd Edition, 403 pages ISBN: 0-7879-5225-7.

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