Enrollment System Essay

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Enrollment System

This chapter contains discussions on the methods and procedures that will be used in conducting the study. It will describe the respondents’ profile, the population and sampling techniques, the data gathering procedure to be employed, the statistical treatment to be used in treating data gathered.

Research Design

This study will make use of the descriptive method of research employing quantitative and qualitative approaches. Quantitatively, it will seek to describe the respondents’ reason for the stay of faculty members in private institution and hypothesized the significant differences based on variables identified in the study such as salary, benefits, working environment, supervision and work itself.

In addition, the study will qualitatively describe the experiences and reasons why faculty members stay long in the institution to supplement the answers given in the survey questionnaires. This is done through interview using the guide question formulated prior to the conduct of the interview.

Population and Sampling

There are about 114 instructor/faculty members and they will all be taken as respondents for the quantitative part of the study. For the qualitative part of the study at least 10 instructors of the subject private institution will be interviewed as co-researchers or informants.

Research Locale

PATTS College of Aeronautics has been in existence for 42 years. It is reputedly the country’s Number One Aeronautical College today. It was founded in 1969 then known as the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services a joint venture of Filipino and American pioneers in aviation. The primary aim was to establish a manufacturing and assembly plant for training aircrafts. The secondary aim was to put up an aeronautical school to meet the needs of the air transportation industry, domestic or international.

The unfavorable investment climate then prevailing at that time constrained the founders to drop the first objective and proceed to the second which is to organize and operate an aeronautical school intended to provide the best professional and technical training to its clients. Thus the PATTS School of Aeronautics was conformably born. The school started with One-Year Airframe Mechanic, Two-Year Airframe Mechanic, and One year Power Plant Mechanic and Two-Year Power Plant Mechanic Courses. In its second year of operation the Communication Technician Course ( Avionics) and the four-year Aeronautical Engineering Course were added.

Under the excellent stewardship of the Board of Directors, the school rose to higher levels of credit and standard when its BS Aeronautical Engineering graduates continuous topped the PRC’s Licensure Board Examination for Aeronautical Engineers since its inception in 1983. Thus the tradition of excellence continued. Indeed, successful school operation had its fruits. In 1989, the school attained college status. PATTS School metamorphosed into a bigger educational institution known as PATTS College of Aeronautics, adapting as its slogan “Fly high, your future is in the skies”

In 2005 the greatest transformation coincided with PATTS 36th Foundation Anniversary. This refers to the transfer of PATTS College of Aeronautics from its old site Domestic Airport Road, Pasay City to its new home at Lombos Avenue, San Isidro, Paraῆaque City.

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