Enormous Wings Essay

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Enormous Wings

In the lives of many people, it is known that reality is one of the most hurtful things to be realized. There is often a need for many people to detach themselves to the real situation in order to gain a different perspective of life and somehow forget the most difficult realities in life. In the story of written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez entitled, “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” that narrates a story regarding a family that had gathered riches due to the strange man with big wings which they have seen in their courtyard.

In the story, the author narrates the reality of life while presenting it reader the unrealistic side of the story. If seen in the simple manner, the story boasts different kinds of supernatural beings that are very important to the life of the community which the couple lives in. In the realistic view point of the story, the poverty that the couple is experiencing is only normal when compared to the current situation of the people in different parts of the world. Many people are currently struggling to face the tides of the global financial crises.

Thus, in times of trouble, people scrimp to become resourceful and to survive the great difficulties of life most especially financial issues. In the case of the whole community, they needed to have supernatural individuals to create development in the lives of the people and to attract tourists which will provide them a living. Moreover, the reality of the situation incorporates the some mysterious beings in order to make the life of the people more interesting than usual.

Thus, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” validates how man interpret natural against supernatural occurrences in the face of poverty or even in everyday situations. Body In the process of analyzing the story of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, it is evident that that the lives of all his character were in poverty. However, the violence that the story depicts its readers is seemingly not normal due to the actions taken to the man with wings.

After discovering the fact that he is not close to any attributes of an angel, the couple have decided not to give him any kind of luxury while living with them. The man was seen caged in the chicken’s pen within the years of his stay. The man with wings was only able to eat few types of food and was mostly provided food “they found the whole neighborhood in front of the chicken coop having fun with the angel, without the slightest reverence, tossing him things to eat through the openings in the wire as if he weren’t a supernatural creature but a circus animal.

” (Marquez, 1928). Thus, the character of the people of the village went around the said “angel. ” The village viewed the supernatural being as if he was an animal who wanted to be feed. Furthermore, the village saw the being as someone who would do their orders whenever they waved their hands with food or throws him different types of treats. Although he looked odd, he would still never be accepted due to his appearance.

He is described in a part as a “senile vulture” and in another as a “huge decrepit hen among the fascinated chickens, also in a paragraph four where crowds treat him as a “circus animal instead of a supernatural creature. ”. As the story moves along, the family became wealthy because they charge people to come and see the old man. In relation to poverty, the family overcame it with developments such as some family members giving up jobs, the daughter buy silk clothing, and the family built a two story mansion with balconies and gardens.

However, the “chicken coop was the only things that didn’t receive attention” (Marques 261). Another interesting character in the story is played by Spider girl who turned into a spider by a god because of her disobedience to her parents. She is a transparent contrast to the Old man. The people delights upon seeing her presence and for clarity of her story Both characters represent the theme of how man deal, in the process, accepts the natural and supernatural. The old man serves as a natural occurrence in the story.

The old man was seen as an oddity as opposed being viewed as a supernatural oddity in the case of spider girl. There is a clear blurry distinction between natural and supernatural. The people in the story openly accepted and are constantly delighted with Spider girl but mistreat the old man and his frailty. People did not question the basic morality tale on how Spider girl came into existence yet they forms judgments on the old man and question his claim as an angel with evident wings.

For such contrasting acceptance of the natural (old man) and supernatural (Spider girl), it shows a blurred distinction between the natural and supernatural. People could be either blind to the obvious appearance of the truth as represented by the old man yet willingly believe Spider girl with the clarity of her story. Father Gonzaga thinks that the old man cannot be possibly an angel for lacking dignity and splendor. Father Gonzaga represent how man possess a cultural image of angels as perfect, pure, powerful, majestic, and immortal.

The old man is far too human to match this mental image of angels. A passage stating that “nothing about him measured up to the proud dignity of angels” became apparent that the more man see the old man as human or a creature very close to our own experience and understanding then the physical quirks followed by acts of exploitation and inhumane treatment were given to the old man or “bird-man”. The gap created from the inability of the old man to explain himself from which several interpretations came about but most of them are mostly absurd.

It tells us how the true nature of the natural as being an intriguing mystery both ordinary and difficult to decode but undeniably there. This uncertainty of the natural is applicable to life itself. Spider girl stands out as the most appealing attraction ever to set foot in the village. She symbolizes supernatural as the belief that often most people tend to believe. The background of the supernatural is simply and straightforwardly moral in contrast to the old man’s (natural) story full of mystery and complexity.

The author invites us to think about which set of genuine human qualities in life should be uphold remains to be open for interpretation. Man can either select the natural as shown by the old man’s namely uncertainty, mystery, strangeness against the supernatural in the character of the Spider girl that is based on a fantasy driven story. Conclusion The major underlying theme of man’s interpretation of the natural and supernatural situated in a setting of poverty challenges the interpretation of events in life. The story shows how man needs to interpret life’s events.

It is not a matter of an unraveling story illustrating meaning but is a story that invites interpretation. It stages the fixed condition of human experience. Man tends to see things through their own eyes without carefully interpreting these situations. They failed to interpret the Angel without bias or preconceived judgments but instead took advantage of the old man and used him to their own advantage. It is very similar to how man perceives the natural though exists but is constantly argued for their own interpretations of event without noticing their own narrow vision.

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