Enlightenment Impact on the French Revolution

The French Revolution of 1789 began because of many social economic and political aspects. People didn't appreciate how the government was treating them and their families. The growth of the middle class getting education, made them realize that their society is moving in the wrong direction. King Louis XVI was very lousy but a kind-hearted king, he led them to bankruptcy. The social disparity, political thinking, and economic state all had a part to play at the beginning of the French revolution.

Due to Frances's bankruptcy people divided into three different states. The first and second estates were above the third estate that consists of peasants and workers. The First estate was made up of the clergy, the Second made up of nobility referred to in Document 7. Comte D'Antraigues said ‘the other estates are merely political categories while… People are everything..” addressed in document 6. “The people” is referring to the third estate is what should be the concrete that holds up the building that is society, but it was turned into the window that is not needed but preferred.

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The taxes that are now collected from the third estates is not covering the amount of money that they are using in France b the king. Commoner's lands are being taxed greatly more than any noble's land, church land was also not taxed as much. Food is more than any or poor can afford written by Arthur Young in document 1.

The living condition was considered unjust and wrong. France has ruled in absolutism meaning that the king had all of the political power.

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, King Louis XVI was more in the material things than actually ruling France. He would rather go hunting and throw amazing parties than help his country get out of bankruptcy but he mostly put them into more of a deep hole. The only thing he really cared about was when representatives of the three estates also known as the cashiers. They wanted the taxes on land to be equal for all the estates and the third estates believe if it is going to be influential its votes should be taken by head referenced in document 3. Lord Acton believes that the American revolution and declaration of independence was an example that fist the wants of the people, so words turned into action and action, turned into an outbreak recorded in Document 5.

This goes to show that the French Revolution was influenced by social injustices, economic, and political thoughts. The estates made people divided and disconnected from the palace itself. The less privileged were taxed more and didn’t have enough to buy simple things like bread. The action was taken, so it stated and time for France that change the social, economic, and political viewpoints.

Updated: May 19, 2021

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