Enlightenment and Romantic Views on Nature

The Enlightenment and Romantic periods had various views on nature through works and paintings; however they likewise looked for to acknowledge the limitations in human understanding through the research study of nature. The Enlightenment was a period where it attempted to discuss and study the true nature of humanity and how it progressed. Nature was the science of Earth’s advancement. G. L Buffon was the foremost specialist and he had the ability to produce a multivolume ‘Nature of the Earth.

Buffon tried to categorize the information of nature and offered a description and theory of Earth’s development with the illustrations of fossils. The Romanticism was a motion in philosophy and the arts which focused more on the standard ideas of nature. There were numerous artists who arranged their paintings to look natural, with trees and with flowers of varied colors and heights. Theodore Gericault was a painter who stressed dynamic colors in his paintings.

Both Enlightenment and Romantic periods also had different religion views.

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The enlightenment saw God as rational and distant which led to the idea of Deism. The Deists views stated that the belief in God is based on reason rather than revelation. The Romantics disagreed with the deist views and explained events with their inner feelings and God was as human views Both the Enlightenment and Romanticism periods sought to recognize the limits in human knowledge through the study of nature.

There have been Romantic artists such as William Wordsworth whose work was inspired by his reverence for the natural world.

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Wordsworth always paid close attention to his surroundings. Also, Isaac Newton had made contributions to mathematics, physics, astronomy, and optics. Newton’s masterpiece, ‘The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy,’ claimed that everything Newton said was proved by experiment or by mathematics.

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Enlightenment and Romantic Views on Nature

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