Enhancing Special Education Programs in Public Schools Systems Essay

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Enhancing Special Education Programs in Public Schools Systems

Some of the ways to enhance the special education program in public school system includes that the needs of special students should be deeply analyzed and their education should be jointly and collaboratively done by the three entities: the educators, the parents and the students themselves. The students should be mainstreamed into appropriate extracurricular activities in order to sort out and enhance their abilities.

For effective teaching multimedia aids should be used and individualized education programs along with strong Math and Language art programs should be conducted and Integrated Instruction system for education should also be used , it is a teaching model defined as “flexible schedules and student groupings, relationships between ideas, a blending of subjects, an emphasis on project-based learning, and use of thematic interdisciplinary units to organize instruction” (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, 2001).

Other collaboration technologies should be used for intra faculty communication and for alliance with special student research organizations. Diversity is obvious in the schools because each and every student in the classroom has a significant and different background and history. It is not true that the diversified students are like new box of crayons nor they are like liquid colors who lost their individuality in mixing pot, rather they are like stubs and shaved crayons which has been used in the past to give them experience but each crayon has its own potential to create a unique future.

In diversified class students should be involved deeply and the things taught should reflect their personal individual experiences. The more the students are diversified the more educators need to involve the students in and the more is the need to let them apply ,what they are learning, into their experience.

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