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English speeches

Reading selectively or extensively

Honorable judges, good morning/afternoon .I am glad to stand here and give you a short speech .Today my topic is reading selectively or extensively .I deeply hope you will like it. As we all know, reading is a tradition inherited from ancient society which has a long history. Whether to read selectively or extensively has been a common question discussed by people from very ancient time. Some people tend to choose to read selectively. Having received a book they waited for a long time, they will get started reading this book with a devout heart. What they commonly do is to dead between the lines. Of course this has its own advantages. A selective reading can contribute to a better understanding of the whole book. Furthermore, when you analyze the passage, chances are that you may have the same sympathetic visage with the author, that is, you are going into the scene that the author endeavoring to describe to all readers, which is quite a sense of achievement.

On the contrary, other people prefer to read extensively rather than selectively. They are not satisfied to read just several books due to what they want is a substantial number of various books. Opinion they hold is that extensive reading is beneficial to broaden the horizons. After reading a large quantity of books, their experiences are enriched, their thoughts are more specific, their minds are more mature. So to speak, extensive reading plays a vital important role in their growth. There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Owing to different people all have their different characteristics, people’s choices are made differently. Choosing to read selectively or extensively doesn’t mean you are true or false, what matters is whether you have chosen the choice which just properly fits yourself. That’s all. Thank you for listening.

On trying to renew knowledge

Honorable judges, good morning/afternoon .I am glad to stand here and give you a short speech .Today my topic is on trying to renew knowledge. I deeply hope you will like it. As the famous saying goes:” Knowledge is power.”, knowledge existed and it is inherited up till now from very ancient time. So to speak, when human beings came into being, knowledge came into being. However, at the same time, between knowledge there are both essence as well as dross. That means what we need to do now is trying to renew knowledge. From my point of view, this process can be a complicated one. First of all, it’s of vital importance for us to sharpen our eyes to distinguish the essence and dross in knowledge, which plays a significant role in the process. Second, it matters that we ought to do it neither reluctantly nor with a special purpose.

That is, on trying to renew knowledge, we should take it in accordance with its natural tendency following the development of the whole society. Last but not least, receiving enough knowledge and keeping pace with the development of culture and civilization is the final step of the process. Renewing knowledge is not a realistic process but should be done in the practical way. On trying to renew knowledge, we may undergo troubles from work and life, misunderstanding from family and friends, difficulties and frustrations from the process its own. However, never giving in to it is just the right choice. Difficult and complicated as it may be, if we don’t realize the importance of renewing knowledge, we may never do a proper job on trying to renew knowledge. That’s all. Thank you for your listening.

Online shopping

Honorable judges, good morning/afternoon .I am glad to stand here and give you a short speech .Today my topic is online shopping. I deeply hope you will like it. With the development of science and technology, online shopping is becoming more and more popular between young people. Because of its convenience and efficiency as well as high qualities bargains, young people tend to conduct online shopping more instead of shopping in practical malls. Having chosen commodities they want to buy and do some clicks randomly, what they need is just to wait at home and the express delivery companies will bring it to your house. Online shopping is just a symbol of social progress , which shows the development of people’s living standard secondhand. On the contrary, online shopping certainly has its disadvantages.

For instance, all processes are completed on the Internet while we couldn’t see the exact commodity on our eyes, which may result in counterfeit articles. What’s worse, owing to the uncertainty of the Internet, there may be a substantial number of hoaxes you can’t even realize waiting for you, making you break the bank for the worst result. In brief, it’s of vital importance for us to improve our security awareness and take some protective measures in the meantime when conducing online shopping.

After this specific analysis, we can draw the conclusion that when it comes to online shopping, we must take its merits as well as demerits into consideration. Advantages and disadvantages as it may have, if we only treat this problem from one hand, the result we get might not impartial. Indeed, online shopping is of great benefit to our life if we can use it properly and consequently it can lead to our society becoming more harmonious, that is, online shopping can a thrust to the progress of the whole human society. That’s all. Thank you for your listening.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cell phone

Honorable judges, good morning/afternoon .I am glad to stand here and give you a short speech .Today my topic is advantages and disadvantages of the cell phone. I deeply hope you will like it. With the development of science and technology and the remarkable improvement of people’s living standard, cell phone is a common commodity appearing in people’s life. In the meantime, cell phone also brings some unexpected advantages and disadvantages. When it come to cell phone’s advantages, we can list as follows. It’s obvious that it can provide us with plenty of convenience and efficiency, which disposes many troubles caused by distance. Thanks to cell phone, nowadays we just contact with family and friends at anytime and anywhere we like.

Furthermore, activities such as surfing the Internet, listening to music, watching TV dramas and so on are conducted portably on the cell phone instead of the computer. Recently, many cell phones are used as wallets owing to advanced information technology. However, from another perspective, every coin has its two sides, cell phone also has its inevitably disadvantages. For instance, the ring of cell pone may have a bad effect on others, which makes them distracted and disturbed.

What’s worse, over using your cell phone means wasting your time, contributing to a negative and pessimistic attitude. Last but not least, you may tend to decrease your time for exercising and taking part in various activities so as to play on your cell phone, which not only is bad for your health, but also does great harm to your work and study. In conclusion, cell phone and even everything have their own advantages and disadvantages. What we should do is to take an impartial attitude towards it. Never shut the door against it nor extremely indulge in it. Only when we truly follow this can we make a full use of it. That’s all. Thank you for your listening.

No man is rich enough to buy back his past

Honorable judges, good morning/afternoon .I am glad to stand here and give you a short speech .Today my topic is no man is rich enough to buy back his past. I deeply hope you will like it. When we were children, we were told that when we had done something wrong we should never regret it because no man is rich enough to buy back his past. As I am growing more mature , I gradually understand the true meaning of this saying. As the famous saying goes: where there is a will, there is a way. That is, if you can spare no effort to achieve your original goal, no matter whether you can reach it, you will get a sense of achievement because of your effort.

It’s the process that you are making effort rather than the final result that really matters. Consequently, there is no need for you to regret an it’s just a waste of time to do that. In our lifelong time, we can’t avoid facing difficulties and frustrations, which are once coped with improperly only resulting in because you can never buy back the past and experience once again. What you can do is merely to cherish every moment you are undergoing and make the most of them. Eating, sleeping, studying, exercising, these unimpressive daily events just consist of our daily life. Only after earnestly going though every step of life can you never need to buy back your past.

From another perspective, if you only indulge in regretting what you‘ve done, you may gradually lose heart and interest to live happily. What’s worse, your body is unhealthy, your mind is distracted, your life is irregular. It not only does harm to you physically, but also has a negative impact on your psychology. Life is not plain sailing all the time, we have to deal with numerous troubles. Meanwhile, we will undergo feelings as happy as well as angry, but never regret because no man is rich enough to buy back his past. That’s all. Thank you for your listening.

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