English Speaking Language in the Classroom

Speaking is ‘the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of contexts’ (Chaney, 1998, p. 13). And Language is the source of communication. “It is that the way through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others” (Corpuz, 2017, 212). There are uncountable languages during this world as a result of each country has its own national language, but also completely different native language are spoken and understood by individuals in numerous regions. There is another issue that creates English is vital in this world- it’s the simplest language of the world to learn.

English is alleged to be international language, a language that folks everywhere the world should shrewdness to use. It is gateway to reach out to people in different countries, and it is a medium of communication that binds individuals in better future.

Education 4.0, they say that education is one way to be globally competitive. In order to be such, one must be acquainted or be knowledgeable on the trends in this world.

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First and foremost, communication is relevant. It has been discussed that English is the medium of communication that connects people in the entire world. Here in the Philippines, you can never finish basic education if you do not know how to speak English even a little bit. According to an essay tittle “Why We Must speak English that learning to speak”(2017) learning how to speak English may be the best way we can do to better our life.

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English is a catching subject. If we know how to speak English language efficiently we can understand the lesson well and can’t go hard in good future.

Active learning is more effective than learning passively. Active learning links words and phrases to actions, objects, ideas, thus affecting students in a strong and positive way; this also helps them to learn and remember certain phrases, words and sentences (Rasikh,2016) When the teacher gives instructions or asks a question in English, having the students do or say something in return will help them to realize that they can understand questions and instructions given in English. Additionally, it gives them a feeling of success, thus improving their confidence. Remember how important a feeling of confidence is when you are learning a language. Feelings of success and confidence will help students overcome the difficulties in learning a foreign language by allowing them to know it is okay to make a mistake.

‘Communication is an exchange between people ,knowledge information, ideas, options, feeling so there must be concept, ideas in the fellow speaker of what they are going to say'(Maybin, 1992 p. 56). The speakers have a basic competence in communication their ideas. To be able to communicate their ideas, students are given opportunity to practice their English. ‘Speaking is one of four skills of English'(Nunan,1991 p. 47). It can help people to understand something from another interlocutors of language. It involves fluent and accuracy expression meaning. The exercising of pragmatic, communicative, competence and the observance of the rules of appropriate.

In using English language we should be aware because in this century like in Generation Z there are lots of new terms that include in the dictionary. We should be updated rather than using the traditional old English language. UK says that “Old English didn’t sound and the writings didn’t look like English now. Even native speakers would have great difficulty understanding the old English language but much words of English today have old English roots.”

Why Speak English Policy in school? One of the most important goals is to improve the communication skills of everyone specifically, to be accurate and fluent in using the international language, English. To acquire such is very important- to be competitive and to achieve excellence.

Thus, using the language in daily communication can develop and enhance one’s speaking or communication skills. This “Speak English in the classroom” is one way of achieving such. Correct and constant practice makes perfect. The challenge now is to speak English most especially when you are in the classroom and be globally competitive


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English Speaking Language in the Classroom

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