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English Showbag

Categories: English

RevengeoftheSithGood morning Panel of marketing managers of the royal Easter show. My name is Daniel Koh and I am a representative of POT productions . Today i will be talking about how you the panel should endorse our Starwars A new Hope showbag in the 2009 Royal Easter Show The showbag our company has created contains 5 various yet original items from the Movie Star wars a new hope which will entice the young consumer preferably aged 6-10 to buy our showbag. The first item in our showbag represents the heroes of the film star wars.

The hero is obviously luke skywalker but because of the other hero figures in the movie such as princess leia, han solo, ben Kenobi and R2-D2 that help Luke fulfil his destiny, we have created a Star Wars trading card game containing all the heroes from the movie as each and every one of them all have different yet important roles to contribute in the destruction of the death star.

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The Cards have an image of a hero from the movie and also gives a brief description about the character. Certain cards have a force meter and a defence meter whilst others have a special effect when played on the spacefield.

The second item in our showbag represents the evil/dark side of the film star wars. The villain we have chosen to represent the dark side is darth vader. As seen in the Movie StarWars A new hope we can see The dark lord himself strangling one of his officers whilst inside the death star using the powers of the dark side of the force.

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This scene sums up what kind of character darth vader is and how much control he has over the dark side of the force. Thus to depict this image the 3rd prop we have created to portray Darth Vader, we have created the Glove of darth vader.

This prop will be a hit with the younger viewers of the starwars movies as it actually feels like the user of this prop is know filled with darth vaders power and chaotic force. Luke’s starwars journey is basically luke’s inner emotional journey from being a simple farmer boy and then somehow to evolve into a young jedi knight. He accomplishes this by facing new challenges and experiences that he has never dealt with before. So to potray this image to our younger viewers of starwars, the fourth item we have created to depict lukes journey is a map which shows all the areas luke and his companions have flown to.

The item will be a smash with the younger audience as they will know a little bit about the different planets they companions adventured to. The Good Vs Evil Theme is portrayed in virtually every modern movie. In the starwars movie though, the constant battles between the jedi and the sith is portrayed as the good vs evil theme. Because of this The starwars universe is basically split in half, One side supports the practices of the sith whilst the other supports the practices of the jedi.

So to make the younger audience aware of the message we are trying to send to them, the fifth item we have created was a heart. Painted half black and half gold. And contained inside are 2 lightsabers 1 blue one red engaged in battle. The heart represents the universe whilst the 2 lightsabers contained inside resemble the constant everlasting battle between the jedi and the sith. To conclude members of the panel, I ask you: Isn’t it fair to let every child live their star wars dream? Their fantasy and imagination? I believe we lol productions have the edge to give children the starwars showbags they desire.

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